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37 Alma Street

37-Alma-StreetSTREET ADDRESS: 37 Alma Street



COUNTY: Yarmouth



Greek Revival in style, this is a one and a half storey building of wood construction. The asymmetrical two bay facade has an off centered doorway. The medium pitched gable roof has return eaves and one chimney discreetly placed at the peak. The windows are two over two double hung with narrow hoods above. A three sided bay and shed roof dormer are found on the west side. An entabliture is found above the main entrance. Decorative brackets trim the entabliture and the bay window. The house is clad in narrow wooden clapboard and trimmed with cornerboards and a wide frieze, a gable roof ell extends to the east. The exterior foundation is of brick.


This house is believed to have been built between 1885 and 1890 for Captain Ebenezer Scott, although it appears Captain Scott did not reside here. The directory for 1890 shows William H. Brackett living here. Mr. Brackett was a barber and hairdresser with his shop on Main Street. In 1895 John Maden, a tailor and presser was living here. The house was later owned by Mr. & Mrs. Edward Thurston. The Thurston's also owned for some time what is now 35 Alma Street and it is unclear whether they rented this property or not. Edward J. Thurston was the son of William and Lilia Corning. For many years he was employed by the Town but for most of his career he was self-employed. The most recent owners have been the Robbins. James C. Robbins was employed as a clerk for E.K. Spinney Ltd. who were whole sale and retail dealers in hardware. Later he worked for the Villa St. Joseph in their business office.


This house sits on its original site on the South east corner of Alma and Thurston Streets. Narrow lawns and hedge surround the buildings.

PRESENT OWNER: Alice C. Robbins

ADDRESS: 37 Alma Street Yarmouth, N.S.

ORIGINAL OWNER: Ebenezer Scott

OCCUPATION: Master Mariner

BUILDER: James G. Baker

ORIGINAL USE: Residential

PRESENT USE: Residential

Ebenezer Scott Apr. 25 1885 May 11 1901 Master Mariner BL 639
James & Eva Jenkins May 11 1901 Oct. 6 1906 Clerk CI 793
Edward L. & Annie E. Thurston Oct. 6 1906 Apr. 1 1908 Truckman CR 924
James M. & Maggie M. Pendrigh Apr. 1 1908 June 29 1928 Engineer CU 195
Edward L. & Annie E. Thurston June 29 1928 Feb. 8 1944 Truckman DZ 481
Paul J. Thurston (etal.) Feb. 8 1944 Apr. 1 1944 Heirs of Edward Thurston Will #5531
Annie L. Dane Apr. 1 1944 Sept. 23 1947 Widow ET 197
James C. & Alice C. Robbins Sept. 23 1947 June 13 1986 Clerk EY 449
Alice C. Robbins June 13 1986 N/A Medical Secretary N/A


On April 1, 1944, this property was purchased by the recently widowed Annie Laurie Dane, whose husband had drowned on March 1, age 41, after his boat was swamped in a tide-rip in the Tusket Islands. Fred Dane was well known as a lobster producer-operator and had run and extensive business at Ellenwood Island for several years. At the time of his death, the family had resided in a larger house on William Street, but Annie and her three children moved here within a few weeks after her husband's untimely death. Yarmouth Times, Jan. 1, 1890: "Building in 1889" (a list of buildings constructed in the previous year) "Capt. Eben Scott, house on Alma Street, J.G. Baker, builder."

SOURCES: Registry of Deeds (Yarmouth) Yarmouth Directories (1890)(1895) Yarmouth Directory (1949) Interview with Mrs. Alice Robbins (Oct. 23, 1991) Yarmouth Times, Jan. 1, 1890

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