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21 Clements Street

21-Clements-StreetSTREET ADDRESS: 21 Clements Street



COUNTY: Yarmouth

YEAR BUILT: circa 1883


Italianate in its design, this is a two storey home of wood construction. The symmetrical four bay facade has an off-centered doorway. The low pitched hip roof has wide eaves. The facade is shaped by two, two storied bays. The large windows are two over two double hung and trimmed with narrow casings. The house is clad in narrow wooden clapboards with narrow cornerboards. A very large, gable roof ell extends to the south side. This contains and enclosed porch lined with windows. The main entrance is enclosed and boasts large, double hung doors. The exterior foundation is of brick.


In 1882, this property was purchased in trust for Elizabeth Porter by Arthur W. Porter for $700.00. The following year Elizabeth Porter, who was the wife of George H. Porter an accountant, took out a mortgage for $2,500.00. It seems likely that they were building this house at that time. The Porters were apparently unable to repay the mortgage and a suit was filed against them by Alexander Murray and Edgar Spinney, the mortgagers. The house was sold in 1885 by a Sheriff's deed to Edgar K. Spinney and again in 1888 to Robert Harris in trust for Annie Lavers. The 1890 directory shows George Lavers, a Life Insurance agent residing here and Miss Mary Sterritt, a teacher. The 1895 directory lists Edgar N. Clements, barrister, living here.]


Situated back slightly from the road, large trees and shrubs partially hide this house from view and early sketches of this house show a cupola which has been lost.

PRESENT OWNER: Ronald & Evelyn Gray

ADDRESS: 21 Clements St. Yarmouth, N.S.

ORIGINAL OWNER: Elizabeth Porter

OCCUPATION: Married woman (wife of George Porter - Accountant)

BUILDER: Unknown

ORIGINAL OWNER: Residential (Single Family)

PRESENT USE: Bed and Breakfast

Arthur W. Porter in trust Elizabeth Porter June 13 1882 Oct. 31 1885 Yeoman BH 734
Edgar K. Spinney Oct. 31 1885 July 1 1888 Merchant BQ 320
Robert Harris in trust for Annie Lavers July 1 1888 Aug. 23 1900 Barrister BQ 321
Edgar Spinney/A. Murray Aug. 23 1900 Oct. 24 1900 As Executors CI 328
John S. Bryant Oct. 24 1900 May 31 1909 Counsellor-at-law CH 422
Caroline A. Blackadar May 31 1909 Nov. 16 1930 Married Woman CX 48
Dorothy & Ruth Blackadar Nov. 16 1930 Dec. 20 1933 Spinsters N/A
George D. Blackadar Dec. 20 1933 July 8 1949 School Teacher/Member of Parliament EQ 19
Thomas A.M. Kirk July 8 1949 Aug. 21 1987 N/A FD 609
Ronald & Evelyn Gray Aug. 21 1987 N/A Retired 432/974


Dorothy and Ruth Blackadar were the daughters of Caroline Blackadar who died intestate in 1930. They sold the house is 1933 by Quit Claim Deed to their father George Blackadar.

Mayor George D. Blackadar was a Senior Cadet Instructor of Military District NO. 6 (Nova Scotia). He retired in January 1944 having carried out the longest service of an instructor in Canada at that time.

SOURCES: Registry of Deeds (Yarmouth) B.E.V. Map, Currie (1889) McAlpine Directories (1890)(1895) "Yarmouth in the 20th Century" (Blue Binder Yar. Co. Museum)

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