Taxes and Utilities

As Canadians, Nova Scotians, and Yarmouth residents, we enjoy a wonderful lifestyle which is possible through paying taxes and accessing essential utilities. Here's what you need to know about paying taxes and accessing utilities in Yarmouth.


Property Taxes

Your municipal property taxes go towards many of our essential services, such as garbage pickup, sewers, roads, fire services, and more. These are based on property assessments, which have been handled by the Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC) since 2008. You can learn more about property assessments from their website.

Paying Municipal Taxes

To learn more about how your municipal taxes are spent, check out our Annual Budget. To pay your property taxes, please see our Bill Payments page.

Federal and Provincial Taxes

The governments of Canada and Nova Scotia have more wide-ranging tax powers, and require the filing of income taxes, GST/HST surcharges on purchased goods, business taxes, and other taxes. Learn more about your responsibilities as a resident of Yarmouth on their websites:


Water Utility

To connect to the town’s water service, you’ll need to sign a contract with the Yarmouth Water Utility and pay for water and sewer usage. To pay your water bill, please see our Bill Payments page.

Nova Scotia Power

Electricity is available through Nova Scotia Power (NSP), our province's electric utility. You can create an account with NSP at

Town of Yarmouth

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