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22 Carleton Street

STREET ADDRESS: 22 Carleton Street



COUNTY: Yarmouth

YEAR BUILT: 1884-1885


Basically vernacular in style, this is a one and a half storey home of wood construction. The symmetrical three bay facade has a centered doorway in an enclosed porch. The medium pitched gable roof has return eaves and one small chimney placed at the peak. The modern windows are trimmed with narrow casings. A gable roof ell extends to the south and two very small shed roof extensions are found at the rear. The house is clad in narrow wooden clapboard and trimmed with narrow cornerboards, it sits on a dug out basement cemented on the exterior. About 10 years ago the front porch was added.


This house is believed to have been built for George M. Patten who purchased the land in 1884. The following year Patten sold the property to Ebenezer Scott. Scott also owned, at this time, the house bordering to the west (now 37 Alma Street) and it is believed he used this house as a rental property. The directories show that in 1890 Locke Hersey was residing here and in 1895 Jacob Churchill, Sr. a carpenter was living here. Locke Hersey was a well known skipper in Yarmouth. He worked for several years for Hugh Cann and sons whose company carried on a general towing and freight carrying business. Retiring from the coastwise trade he later entered the lobster packing business and operated canneries at Short Beach, Kelley's Cove and other areas. For several years he served the town as Town Councillor. It is believed that while the home was owned by R. Newell (from 1905-1920) it was used as a cordwainer's shop


Situated on its original site on the south west corner of Carleton and Alma Streets, this house sits close to the road surrounded by shrubs and trees.

PRESENT OWNER: Kevin R./Margaret J. Selig

ADDRESS: 22 Carleton Street Yarmouth, N.S. B5A 2C2

ORIGINAL OWNER: George M. & Alice C. Patten


BUILDER: Unknown

ORIGINAL USE: Residential

PRESENT USE: Residential

George M. & Alice C. Patten Nov. 27 1884 Apr. 25 1885 Trader/Wife BL 252
Ebenezer & Lizzie Scott Apr. 25 1885 July 7 1905 Master Mariner BL 639
Sadie M. & Lizzie Scott July 7 1905 Aug. 9 1920 Wife/Clerk CQ 4
Arthur K. & Henrietta Van Horne Aug. 9 1920 Oct. 16 1923 Merchant/Wife DQ 660
Willian & Lillian Hessie Oct. 16 1923 Apr. 9 1940 Laborer/Wife DS 395
Frank Kitaeff Apr. 9 1940 July 23 1952 Merchant EP 108
Frank E. & Leona Smith July 23 1952 1974 Clerk N.S. Liquor Commission FF 655
Leona Smith 1974 N/A Nurse (C.N.A.) N/A
Blanche S. (Smith) Saulnier Sarah A. (Smith) Clarke N/A May 8 1995 Heirs of Leona Smith N/A
Kevin R./Margaret J. Selig May 8 1995 Present N/A 531/459

SOURCES: Interview with Mrs. Leona Smith (Oct. 23/91) Registry of Deeds (Yarmouth) Yarmouth Directories (1890)(1895) Yarmouth Herald-Telegram (May 27, 1943) p. 6

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