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Development Rebate Program

On January 11, 2017, the Town of Yarmouth was the first in Nova Scotia to enact a by-law establishing a Development Rebate Program, designed to stimulate building construction and expand the Town economy.

The Town of Yarmouth’s By-Law 65, cited as the “Central Business District Improvement Plan By-Law” takes advantage of the recent change to the Municipal Government Act (through Bill 177) to “authorize municipal councils to make a by-law providing for the phasing-in, over a period of up to 10 years, of an increase to the taxable assessed value of certain or contaminated properties located in a commercial development district established by by-law and further providing for the cancellation, reduction or refund of taxes paid as a result of the phasing-in.”

This means that property owners within the Central Business District (shown in the image below) can apply for annual partial rebates of up to ten years on commercial taxes if you have undertaken development of the property.

To view a PDF version of this map, you can download it here.

Tax incentive grant program area 11x17 March30 2021

Development can include new building construction, or the expansion of an existing building to realize more effective utilization of the property’s potential.

Eligible property must enter into a Phased In Assessment Agreement with the Town prior to receiving a development rebate. More details can be found in the attachment at the bottom of this page. To get started, check out the full Central Business District Improvement Plan By-Law on our By-Laws page, and contact Town of Yarmouth Economic Development, Natalie Smith, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (902) 742-1505.

pdf Central Business District Improvement Plan By-law (960 KB)

pdf Phased In Assessment Agreement (519 KB)

Central Business District Map

Town of Yarmouth

 This is an exciting time for the Town of Yarmouth. By working together, we can meet today’s challenges and build a better future.”

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