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Household Hazardous Waste

To help protect our environment, hazardous products cannot be disposed of in regular garbage – they require special disposal at the Yarmouth County Solid Waste Park. A product is considered household hazardous waste (HHW) if it bears one of the symbols shown here:

hazardHHW Only

Or if words such as Danger, Poisonous, Caution, or Warning appear on the label. Some examples are:

  • large propane tanks
  • motor oil and other automotive fluids
  • pool chemicals
  • pesticides

Note: empty, dry paint cans can go in the garbage, with covers removed.

Please drop off these products at our permanent household hazardous waste depot at:

Yarmouth County Solid Waste Park
1932 Hardscratch Road
8AM-4PM Mon–Fri
9AM-3PM Sat

Check My Waste App

Looking for an easier way to manage your household waste? Download the free Waste Check My Waste smartphone app:

pdf Waste Separation Guide 2014 (575 KB)

pdf Special Waste Cleanup (655 KB)

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