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13 Second Street

13-Second-StreetSTREET ADDRESS: 13 Second Street



COUNTY: Yarmouth

YEAR BUILT: circa 1845


Built in the Scottish Vernacular style, this is one and a half storey, wooden structure. The steeply pitched gable roof has return eaves and two Scottish dormers. The symmetrical, five bay facade has a centered doorway. The main entrance is in an enclosed porch with a pedimented, false gable above, side lights trim the portico. There are two large 1/4 inset chimneys on the main house. The windows are six over six double hung, there is also a sky light between the dormers. An extension in the back contains two gables with square headed windows and a third chimney. The house is clad in narrow clapboard and the foundation is of cement.


Although was know from land descriptions of bordering properties that Nathan Moses owned this land as early as 1845, no deed could be found. Since a large section of land in this area was owned by the Ryerson family, it seems possible that Nathan Moses was given this lot by his father-in-law, Stephen D. Ryerson. Moses is shown here on A.F. Church's map (1870). Nathan Moses is believed to have been one of the leading shipowners in Yarmouth between 1842 and 1875. He was a member of parliament for the township of Yarmouth in 1855 and in 1863 held, the position of Justice of the Peace. He was a director of "The Acadian Insurance Company" for 21 years (1861-1881). Mr. Moses died in 1887, his wife Sarah (or Sabra) Moses died in 1903.


Situated at the intersection of two streets there is a large lawn to the side and a motel boarders to the north. This style is common to Yarmouth and the house is in good condition with few changes to the exterior.

PRESENT OWNER: John Jouvelakas

ADDRESS: 13 Second Street Yarmouth, N.S. B5A 3C6


OCCUPATION: Merchant/Mariner

BUILDER: Unknown


PRESENT USE: Home & Apartment

Nathan Moses N/A Jun. 14 1881 Merchant/Mariner N/A
Stephan D. Moses June 14 1881 Oct. 18 1881 Clerk BF 652
Robert S. Eakins (in trust) Oct. 18 1881 Nov. 2 1881 Merchant BG 293
Sabra Moses Nov. 2 1881 Sept. 27 1903 Wife of Nathan BG 297
James Howard Moses Sept. 271903 N/A N/A Will #3516
Edith Bessom/Marion Goss N/A Aug. 14 1943 married women/ heirs of J. Howard Moses No Will probated
Mary Elizabeth Baker Aug. 14 1943 Apr. 30 1945 Widow EN 406
Frank Kitaeff Apr. 30 1945 Nov. 9 1945 Retired ET 550
Gerald Ross Nov. 9 1945 April 16 1973 Moulder EW 52
Walter Roy Ross Apr. 16 1973 Jan. 19 1979 N/A IN 231
Virginia Maud Ross Jan. 19 1979 Dec. 1 1987 married woman LU 361
James McMullen / John E. Jouvelakas Dec. 1 1987 Mar. 13 1996 Bank manager / Retired policeman 436/824
John E. Jouvelakas Mar. 13 1996 Present Retired policeman 540/94

SOURCES: Registry of Deeds (Yarmouth) Yarmouth Directories (1890)(1895) The Yarmouth Herald (Sept. 29, 1903) (1889) BEV Map (Currie) A.F. Church Map (1870) Sequel to Campbell's History, Brown p. 367

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