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Sea Hags & Scallywags

Sea Hags & Scallywags

Down at Sea Hags & Scallywags, not only are you going to find some of the most eclectic, Nova Scotia-inspired art around, but you also won't spot the same thing twice.

Started in 2007 as an artists’ cooperative of sorts, Sea Hags & Scallywags hosts the works of 25 resident artists and artisans. They try hard to make sure that each artist represents one medium, and each medium is represented by one artist, to ensure a wide variety of pieces for visitors to choose from. Just a few of these mediums include more traditional fare, such as sketchings or stained glass, to more eccentric collections of beach glass, swordfish bills, and jewellery made from silver cutlery.

But even with all that variety, still not finding exactly what you're looking for at Sea Hags & Scallywags? No sweat – the artists who run the shop will all make an extra effort to help find what you're looking for, even if it’s somewhere else. That’s Nova Scotian hospitality.

Clients come from all over the world, from across Canada, to as far away as Australia or Japan. But whether you're a visitor or a long-time Yarmouth resident, the folks at Sea Hags & Scallywags are determined to share all the great things the region has to offer.

Who (or what) inspires you?

I love it here. I love Yarmouth, and that's a big part of it. To be here and to be happy, to be on our waterfront and see our sunsets every night – how special is that?

What’s your signature product?

I honestly don't know, because really, I love the artists that are in the shop, I love the products. I think they're all very unique - they all have special things about them. It would be very difficult to pick one.

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