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Yarmouth’s Natural Food Market

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Yarmouth’s Natural Food Market

Yarmouth’s Natural Food Market is where you can look to find a wide selection of foods and supplements to help you lead a happier, healthier life. With everything from organic produce, to gluten-free baking supplies, to vegan-friendly foods and beauty products, they have products to accommodate and enhance every lifestyle.

What is your signature product?

It’s hard to pinpoint a signature product because so many different people come in looking for different things, for different reasons. Some people are looking for vitamins, some are looking for fresh spices, some want protein powders, etc. I think people really like that we carry Canadian brands like Health First, Natural Factors, Renew Life, Prairie Naturals, the Green Beaver. Those sorts of things, along with our bulk foods like nuts and dried fruit, are quite popular.

How did you get started?

There was a health food store called “The Apple A Day” up on Main Street. I knew the owner, and the business had been doing really well, but he was just ready to move onto something else, and so he put the business up for sale. I ended up deciding to buy it and try to make a go of it, and with the help of my family, who have always been incredibly supportive, we’ve turned that trial run into 35 years of business.

What inspires you to do what you do?

In the early days, the health food business Brock Elliott, who ran the store Sunflower in Antigonish, was a leading, inspiring, small retailer that really did a lot to educate the smaller stores to help them reach another level of retailing. And in 1981, Yarmouth was full of family-owned retail stores, and a number of those older retailers, some of them for more than one generation, was inspiring to see. So trying to strive to duplicate their success, that sort of thing has helped inspire me.

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