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Waste Separation

Ever wonder what happens to the things you throw out? Nova Scotia’s Solid Waste Resource Management Strategy includes a disposal ban on items that can be diverted from the landfill and made into valuable resources – enriching our society and the environment.

Everyone, including all residents and businesses in our region, is required by law to sort their waste into proper streams. Every apartment building is required to have a recycling program – with bins for garbage, recyclables, organics (green cart), paper, and cardboard available for tenants to use. In turn, tenants are responsible for sorting waste in their units, and putting them in the proper collection bins.

In our area, you can access curbside collection for recyclables, organics, and garbage, provided through Waste Check. Here's a quick guide to separating your waste and keeping Nova Scotia beautiful.


You can recycle compostable food, yard waste, and some paper. Here's a full list:



NOTE: Some pet food bags & fast food wrappers are lined with plastic/foil and are garbage

Yard Waste


Note: For organic cart repair, call Waste Check at (902) 742-1312. 

Recycling Program

Place all recyclables in a blue 2-bag system: paper/cardboard and metal/plastics.

Bag #1 - Paper Products

Bag #2 - Beverage Containers, Glass, Metal & Plastics #1-7 (no sytrofoam)

NOTE: All recyclables must be clean and dry

Pharmaceutical Waste & Needles

Please do not place pharmaceutical waste in your green cart, blue bag, or with your regular garbage. Please check with your local Pharmacy for safe disposal.

Regular Garbage Program

The following items are placed in your garbage:

Electronics Recycling Program

You can drop off the following electronics for recycling:

Here's where to drop off your electronics:

Paper Chase Bottle
Exchange Ltd.
10 Hardscratch Road, Yarmouth
Phone: (902) 742-9747

For cell phones, check out for drop-off locations.

pdf Waste Separation Guide (36 KB)