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Vandalism and Graffiti is on the Rise

While vandalism is a common issue for towns like ours, it is clearly on the rise in our parks, and on our trails. Please help us put a stop to it.

Two weeks ago, the Maud Lewis Trail was repainted due to a build up of graffiti, most of it offensive in nature. The photos in this post were taken yesterday, and show the trail has again been vandalized. But it isn't just happening at that location. Our parks team, who work very hard to keep parks, trails, and the entire town looking its best, have noticed a sharp increase in graffiti and pointless damage to parks and structures within them.

The appearance of our community matters to virtually all residents, investors, and visitors. Most businesses and property owners proudly invest in the appearance of their property, and the Town uses tax dollars to build and maintain parks, trails, and recreation facilities to support healthy lifestyles. When a few individuals damage and deface public property, MORE tax dollars are spent to repair and restore the property.

How Can You Help?

If you have any information on who might be responsible for the recent graffiti on the Maud Lewis Trail, or for any other acts of vandalism, please contact our Parks Supervisor: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the town RCMP detachment at (902) 742-8777.

Photos of recent graffiti on Maud Lewis Trail:

1   4

5   2

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