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Transit Service

Transit Service Update

Non-medical masks required to ride Town of Yarmouth Transit Beginning July 24th

As announced by the province, starting Friday, July 24, it will be mandatory for drivers and passengers to wear a non-medical mask on public transportation. Children under two and people with a valid medical reason for not wearing a mask are exempt.

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Changes to Town of Yarmouth Transit Fares

Some important changes are coming to Town of Yarmouth Transit fares. Our new ticket options begin on Monday February 24th and we want to answer any questions our riders may have. That’s why we’ve put together this easy list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What’s Changing? What do I need to know?

A: Beginning February 24th, we will stop selling the following fares and passes:

Daily Unlimited Ticket           $3.00 per ticket
7 Day Unlimited Ticket          $15.00 per ticket
365 Day Unlimited Pass        $500.00 per pass

If you have daily unlimited tickets, 7-day unlimited tickets, or 365-day passes they can be used on the bus and still purchased at local retailers until there is no more availability.

Starting February 24th, we will begin selling the flowing fares and passes:

One Fare Ticket       $1.50 per ticket
Monthly Pass          $50.00 per pass
Cash Fare                $2.00 exact change per ride

Children under 2 years of age ride the bus for free. All prices include HST.

Q: Why are you changing the transit fare options from daily unlimited to a one fare ticket?

A: The automated ticket reader used on the bus has difficultly reading the daily or seven (7) day bus tickets. This sometimes delays the bus and affects the schedule. Moving to a manual ticketing system will eliminate these delays.

Q: How many times can I ride the transit bus when I purchase a one fare ticket?

A: The one fare ticket provides you with one ride on the bus. When you exit the bus, your fare trip has ended. To get back on the bus, you must provide a new one fare ticket, show a valid monthly pass, or provide exact cash fare ($2.00) to ride the bus.

Q: If I still have some daily unlimited passes, can I use them on the bus? How long do I have to use them?

A: Yes, you can still use your daily unlimited passes on the bus this year (2020) as the automated ticket reader will still be on the bus. Once we have determined that most of the daily unlimited passes have been used, we will remove the ticket reader from the bus. If you still have daily unlimited tickets after the ticket reader has been removed you can contact Town Hall to swap out your daily pass for two one fare tickets (no refunds will be provided).

Q: Is there any difference in how I would use the new monthly transit pass on the transit bus?

A: Yes, there is a difference. The new monthly transit pass is still an unlimited pass but will only be valid for use when the bus is in service during the calendar month you purchased the pass for. The monthly pass is valid to use from the first transit bus service day in that month to the last transit bus service day of that same month. You can purchase a monthly pass in advance for each month if you wish.

Example: if you buy a monthly pass for October 2020, the first day you can use the pass is Friday, October 1st and the last day you can use it is Saturday, October 31st.

Q: Where can I purchase the new transit one fare tickets and monthly passes from?

A: You can purchase as many one fare tickets as you’d like at Town Hall or from the list of retail locations below. You can purchase monthly passes at Town Hall during business hours (8:30 am to 4:30 pm).

• PharmaSave, 333 Main St.
• City Drug Store, 369 Main St.
• Yarmouth South Red & White, 107 Main St.
• NSCC Burridge Campus, 372 Pleasant St.
• Canadian Tire, 120 Starr's Rd.
• Mariners Centre, 45 Jody Shelley Dr.
• Lawton’s Drugs, 76 Starr's Road (Yarmouth Mall)
• The Gift Shop, Yarmouth Regional Hospital, 60 Vancouver St.

Fares & Passes

The Town of Yarmouth Transit Service offers one ride tickets and one month passes. Get your pass today! You can also pay $2 fares in exact change.


For the comfort and safety of Town of Yarmouth Transit passengers, we ask that all passengers follow our rules of the road. From smoking, food and scents to strollers, luggage and scooters, learn about your responsibilities as a rider here.

Route & Schedule

Town of Yarmouth Transit runs using a flag stop system – where you can choose to board and depart the bus at designated stops, or by creating your own flag stop. Anywhere with the exception of Starr's Road and a portion of Main Street and Vancouver Street (see map below) on the designated route, you can “wave” down the bus. Learn more about our route and schedule here.


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