Transit Service Returns

Category: News & Notices

Town of Yarmouth Transit will resume regular service beginning on Monday, June 29th.

Please note the following:

▶️ Seating may be limited in order to comply with Public Health orders
▶️ Passengers who need assistance requiring close contact with bus drivers must wear a mask or face covering (as will the drivers in this situation)
▶️ Where the service was shut down on March 18th, passengers who purchased passes for the month of March may use those passes from June 29th, until Friday, July 17th
▶️ If you purchased a pass for the months of April or May, you may exchange them for current passes at Town Hall

PLEASE NOTE: If you have ANY of the following COVID-19 symptoms, DO NOT USE THE BUS:

❌ fever (chills, sweats)
❌ cough or worsening of a previous cough
❌ sore throat
❌ headache
❌ shortness of breath
❌ muscle aches
❌ sneezing
❌ nasal congestion or runny nose
❌ hoarse voice
❌ diarrhea
❌ unusual fatigue
❌ loss of sense of smell or taste
❌ red, purple or blueish lesions on the feet, toes
or fingers without clear cause