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The Style Merchant

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The Style Merchant

If you’re ever looking for a head-to-toe makeover, The Style Merchant has you covered. With a hair salon, spa and a shopping emporium of beauty products, as well as clothing, footwear and accessories all under one roof, you can walk out of The Style Merchant feeling like a new person.

Being in business for over 20 years, owner Krista Smith has brought both her passion and vision together to offer you an experience like no other in this one unique location.

What’s your signature product or service?

We’re known as the trend setters for style in both beauty and fashion. We can help you put outfits together – find what shoe looks good with that style of dress or pants, what jewelry would give your outfit a whole new look, what colour makeup would best compliment your skin tone our customers look to use to help find solutions to their challenges.

How did you get started?

My two loves are hair and shoes, so my vision was to have a salon and a shoe store. Every girl’s dream. Coming from a business background as well as being a hairstylist, I opened a salon in 1995 called Design Line and over the years kept expanding to meet the needs of our customers. We first grew and expanded by adding the spa, and then in 2007 opened an adjoining business called Klic Fashions, which was a ladies’ shoe store. In 2015, we recreated ourselves once again by renovating and rebranding both businesses and joining them under one new umbrella, which is now The Style Merchant of Hawthorne Street. It’s my passion to always be evolving, growing, and moving forward.

What inspires you to do what you do?

Travel, art, music, food and fashion all inspire me. I’m very inspired by other cultures, their sense of style and their fashions and it is my goal to bring those inspirations back to my business to share with my staff and customers.

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46 Hawthorne Street
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