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SuperNova Power Yoga

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SuperNova Power Yoga

Yoga is a practice that comes in many different forms; it can be soothing or it can be challenging, it can be meditative or dynamic, it can be relaxing or it can be a work out. At SuperNova Power Yoga, Kate and Joe Giglio understand that yoga is appealing to a variety of people, and that different people are looking to get different things out of their classes. As such, their studio offers a variety of classes, individually suited to all levels of experience from complete beginner, to near yoga masters. With everything from power yoga where you’ll feel the heat, to Vinyasa yoga where you’ll learn to match movement and breath, to restorative flow yoga where you’ll find meditative healing, there truly is something for everyone.

What is your signature service?

Yoga, but specifically something called Baptiste-style yoga, which is a form of power Vinyasa yoga. We both studied under Baron Baptiste, who is the inventor of Baptiste-style yoga. We’re actually the only studio in southwestern Nova Scotia dedicated to Baptiste yoga, and what we do is we take Baptiste yoga and make it accessible to all levels, even beginners.

How did you guys get started?

Well we actually met through yoga. We were colleagues at a YMCA down in Boston; I taught yoga and Kate taught spin class, and one day she took one of my classes and we hit it off. We ended up hanging out in dog parks where our dogs played together while we chatted, and eventually we decided to do a mini side-project business. I was living on a boat in the harbour, and Kate lived down the street, and so she wound up coordinating and scheduling the yoga classes and then I taught them. I think our success with that business is part of what inspired us to open up our own studio.

We wound up in Yarmouth one summer for a vacation, and we were walking down here on Main Street when we noticed this place was for rent. It had been made into a yoga studio, I think it was the Lilah Centre beforehand. It had just closed down, and since we were looking for a place to open, we decided that right here in Yarmouth was the place to be.

What should people know about your business?

People should know that they don’t need to feel intimidated about coming to do yoga: we have lots of different levels, so you won’t be diving head first into anything too hard. Our students are also amazing people, and it’s just very warm and supportive community.

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