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Sip Café

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Sip Café

There’s nothing like a cup of coffee or tea to jumpstart your day; in fact, some days it seems impossible to function without one! The people at Sip Café understand that, and have hundreds of loose leaf teas from around the world, and espresso-based coffee beverages available to choose from. The owner, Mathieu Maltais, opened Sip 4 years ago, after realizing there were no local coffee shops with high-end beverages in the area.

Now preparing for an expansion, Sip not only serves coffees and teas which are made fresh in front of you, but also baked goods made from scratch daily, sandwiches and wraps made using meats from the local Emin’s Meat Market, and sushi, from KIZUNA sushi in Clare. All of this makes Sip the ideal spot for anyone looking for a tasty, healthy lunch, or a delicious caffeinated beverage.

What is your signature product?

Our signature drinks would be our espresso-based drinks: the Americanos, lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, mistos, etc. Then there’s our loose leaf teas; we have over a hundred different kinds of tea from all over the world, some is organic, and we sell it by weight or by the cup.

As for food, our most popular sandwich is our turkey brie panini. Our baked goods are also very popular, especially our muffins.

How did you get started?

Well, I already owned City Drug, and we’d had a gift loft in the space where Sip is now. The gift loft was just getting too busy and too cramped in that area though, so we decided to expand it into it’s own store, which has become Every Bloomin’ Thing. It was around this time that I realized there were no local coffee shops to go get a really good cup of coffee, and I decided that was something I wanted to have here, and I figured I could make a nice coffee place if I tried. So I decided to create Sip.

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