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Phase I Terminal Upgrades Nearly Complete

Final Work of Phase I Terminal Upgrades Nearly Complete Ahead of 2022 Sailing Season

Wednesday, September 29th, 2021 - Yarmouth, N.S. – Phase I upgrades at the Yarmouth International Ferry Terminal continued through the summer, and as the construction season nears an end, only a few pieces of work remain. The entire project saw work split into nine distinct work packages, all of them set to be completed by the end of 2021. The terminal will be ready and operational for the 2022 sailing season.

The first three work packages were fully completed last spring. Work for these packages included demolition of various structures at the site, roof replacements, and many improvements to the envelope of the main terminal building. New windows and doors, new vestibules, brick repairs, and siding have all been added to the building.

Also completed last spring were Important upgrades in the terminal yard. Underground site services for water, sewer, and electrical were added and steel piles and concrete foundations were installed to house new ticket booths for Bay Ferries and PIL Booths for CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency). The construction of a new stevedore building was also completed as part of “work package #4”.

Key projects completed over the summer were part of three work packages. “Work package #5” involved installation of the new ticket and PIL Booths. While most booths were installed during the summer months, there was a brief delay receiving four PIL booths. The booths were received and are now installed.

“Work package #6” was completed and featured the installation of three new canopies along with the necessary electrical, lighting and soffits. “Work package #7” which involved final fitting up of both CBSA and Bay Ferries booths, new yard lighting, CCTV cameras, PA system, signage, and demolition of the old south canopy, has now been completed.

Final work for Phase I will see asphalt patching in the yard, a washroom renovation as part of “work package #8”, and communications cabling. A final “work package #9” will feature more terminal building upgrades to accommodate security and operational requirements requested by CBSA. Future projects as part of additional Phases will include wharf repairs, pontoon replacement, and an expansion and major renovation to the terminal building.

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