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Ocean Blue Music

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Ocean Blue Music

Music can touch us in ways that nothing else can. Ocean Blue Music has been giving people the power to make music for 18 years. At Ocean Blue Music, you can buy instruments such as guitars, drums or pianos, rent sound equipment, and even hire musicians.

While Larry, the owner of Ocean Blue Music, often sees experienced musicians looking for instruments, most of his customers are beginners. Lots of people have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, but never actually get around to it. Larry can help you find the instrument that best serves your needs, so you can express yourself like never before.

What’s your signature product?

Acoustic guitars are our biggest thing right now. It used to be that everyone wanted an electric guitar – everyone wanted to be a rock star. Now the whole music scene has changed, and there are just no venues for rock and roll bands in Yarmouth. Everyone’s usually looking for a guitar for bluegrass or to play around a campfire.

How did you get started?

A friend of mine, Dave Bishara, owned the business Ocean Blue Music. I played in a band with him. One day he was ready to sell, and I was ready to buy. And that was that.

What inspires you to do what you do?

I just love the business. Sometimes the actual business aspect isn’t my favourite, because it’s a lot of work. It’s not just coming in to play around every day! But I really love the music aspect and the people.

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