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Notice of Second Reading

Council will consider and if deemed advisable, approve the Second Reading to amend its Taxi Bylaw.

This is to serve notice that the Council of the Town of Yarmouth, at its meeting on Thursday, April 14th, 2022, at 6:30 pm, will consider and if deemed advisable approve the Second Reading to amend its Taxi Bylaw.Written submissions with any questions, concerns or comments will be considered at the time of the reading by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


A review was completed of the bylaw that saw staff work with local RCMP and town legal counsel. Staff also researched taxi bylaws in other Nova Scotia municipalities as part of the review. The results of the review are several key recommendations:

1. Adding additional checks to the current application review and approval process for taxi drivers
The current bylaw only requires a taxi driver applicant to submit proof of a Criminal Record Check as part of the application review process with the Bylaw Enforcement Officer. Staff is recommending adding the requirement for Vulnerable Sector and Child Abuse Registry Checks as part of the Taxi Drivers' License application process, at applicant cost.

2. Adding Definition for "Disqualifying Conviction"
Under the current bylaw, "a license may not be granted if the applicant is not of suitable character as in the opinion of the Inspector situations." Staff is recommending more transparency in the bylaw by adding a stated definition on what constitutes a disqualification in the renewal of a taxi license. Specifically, the definition and listing of what constitutes a 'Disqualifying Conviction".

3. Streamlining of Application Process
These amendments will allow for a more efficient customer service experience by streamlining the application process.

4. Base Rate Increase
In addition to these staff recommendations, council will consider for approval a $1.00 base rate increase.

More details on these amendments can be found in the minutes of the March 10th town council meeting at


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