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Mariners Centre Hires New CEO

The Yarmouth Mariners Centre is pleased to announce the hiring of Dorgam Hideib as the facility’s new CEO

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020 - Yarmouth, N.S. – After a long search involving many applicants over a one-year period, the Mariners Centre has successfully landed a candidate to take on the vacant role of General Manager. Dorgam Hideib (pronounced Door-am Ha-deeb) has been hired, replacing the General Manager title as the facility’s new CEO.

Hideib has called Yarmouth home for more than a decade. Since relocating to Yarmouth with his wife in 2008 he has worked in a number of key management roles with both and His most recent position was Vice President of Sales & Revenue Operations at before the company closed its Yarmouth location this July.

Hideib received his Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from the University of Manitoba, and later his MBA from Schulich School of Business at York University. He brings more than 20 years of much-needed experience in marketing, sales and program management from a variety of industries, both nationally and in the United States. Hideib also offers considerable experience as a senior leader of teams and complex projects, is a strong communicator and mobilizer, and will provide a focus on developing staff and serving customers with excellence.

“On behalf of the Mariners Centre Board, I am very pleased to welcome Dorgam as our new CEO,” said Board Chairman, Wade Cleveland. “It was a long search, and we weren’t willing to settle on just anyone. We have big plans so it had to be a talented individual that could carry us into the future. Given Dorgam’s impressive background and strong commitment to the community, we are feeling very fortunate that he is on board.”

Hideib is no stranger to the Mariners Centre. As a father of three active children, he has spent his share of time in the building and fully understands the value it provides to the many user groups that call it home, as well as the greater community it serves. When asked for his thoughts on taking on the new role, Hideib expressed excitement as he sees the facility as a key focal point for community growth.

“I’m most excited about how this role can energize our community,” explained Hideib. “I see opportunities for increasing the number and variety of events and programs that can benefit all age groups that use the facility. We need to position the Mariners Centre as THE Multi-Purpose Centre for the region. We already have the assets needed to host events, including staging and audio visual for concerts, trade shows, meeting spaces, in addition to one of the largest commercial kitchens in the region. When someone says EVENT in Southwest Nova Scotia, we want them to immediately think of our Centre and that will be a key focus.”

Hideib will also draw on his experience and training to help realize an expansion at the facility in the future.

“As CEO I will be directly supporting an expansion of the facility. I recognize the Mariners Centre serves the regions’ interests and the three Municipalities that support it, and I know that expanding the facility is at the top of those interests. Making expansion a reality will take strong communication with our partners and the community. It will require everyone working together and I am at my best when working and leading collaboratively. I look forward to the challenge.”

Since the retirement of General Manager Gil Dares in 2019, the Board began its search for a suitable replacement, but also sought to redefine the role. Changing the position from General Manager to CEO is symbolic of the evolving future plans for the facility and the need for strategic planning and direction as the building and services are expanded.

“The Mariners Centre Board, as representatives of the facility owners, is moving forward with a shared vision of expansion,” said Cleveland. “In order to achieve that vision, we determined that the replacement role needs to go beyond day-to-day management. It would require someone with proven leadership abilities who has spent time planning large projects. We feel we’ve found that person in Dorgam.”

“I’m looking forward to forming strong relationships here,” added Hideib. “A lot of very committed people, both staff and volunteers, built the Mariners Centre to what it is today. I consider it a privilege to step into this role and build upon these efforts. There is a lot we can do together.”



Dorgam Hideib

Wade Cleveland

Town of Yarmouth

 This is an exciting time for the Town of Yarmouth. By working together, we can meet today’s challenges and build a better future.”

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