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In Focus Optical

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In Focus Optical

In Focus Optical has been helping children to discover that trees have individual leaves for the past 16 years. Here you can find a wide selection of eyeglasses from every brand imaginable – Max Mara, Jimmy Choo, Ray-Ban, Coach, Guess, Michael Kors, and more – all sure to bring the world back into focus.

What’s your signature product or service?

We do everything on-site. Most places, if you go in and place your order for a pair of glasses, it takes them anywhere from three days to two weeks. Everything from single vision, to bifocal, to progressive lenses can all be done onsite, with the exception of some special coatings, which need to be ordered.

Because of this, it takes about 5 business days to get glasses with coatings done. Sometimes we can get them ready same-day for single-vision coated lenses, or two to three days for the single vision ones that we order. We also arrange for onsite eye-testing with Independent Optometrist Dr. John Wilson, who is here two days a week, and we do contact lense fitting.

How did you get started?

It started when I was living in Bridgewater and I interviewed for an opening to become a local optician. Thanks in part to my wife insisting I wear a full suit (I was the only one who did), I was called back. In order to get the position, I had to go and upgrade some of my high school credits. I wound up waiting until 2000 when I moved back to Yarmouth to get my contact lens course and then opened up the business. I had my brother, who was in Cape Breton, to move back home to join the business, as well as some other local talents we found here.

What inspires you to do what you do?

I love the moments where you get to see somebody put on glasses for the first time, and they’re just shocked by all the details that are suddenly visible. Especially when it’s a kid who goes: “oh look at that, Mom! There’s stuff there!”

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