Aspire Esthetics

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Aspire Esthetics

There’s nothing more important than feeling comfortable in your own skin. Aspire Esthetics has been helping people to achieve that feeling for the past nine years through a variety of spa services – from spa facials to clinical facials featuring microdermabrasion, to laser skin resurfacing and laser hair removal.

In addition to their many facial services, Aspire Esthetics offers manicures and pedicures (including gel nails and gel polishes), massages, teeth whitening, and skin tag removal. Cindy Hinde-Saulnier, Master Clinical Skin Therapist and the owner of Aspire Esthetics, has been trained in oncology esthetics, clinical esthetics, microdermabrasion, advanced rejuvenation facial massage, Chinese diagnosis, lash extensions, and effective management of pigmentation, rosacea, and sensitized skin.

Whether you’re looking for help improving your skin, or simply looking for a relaxing escape, you can find it all at Aspire Esthetics.

What is your signature product or service?

We’re an exclusive user of Dermalogica and have been for the past nine years. It’s my go-to product line for skin-care. It was the first cosmeceutical line available globally and it blends pharmaceutical-grade with a professional-grade product for better results.

In terms of services, we’re best known for our facials, and that’s what we do the most. However, laser services are a close second. Being trained in oncology esthetics allows me to work more with people who have undergone cancer treatments, or who may be undergoing cancer treatments, because your skin is different afterwards.

How did you get started?

This is actually what I’ve always wanted to do, ever since I was a teenager, but when I was living out West, it just never happened. I’d been working out West in a hospital for many, many years, and in a bank before that. When we moved here I decided that it was time for a change.

So I sat down and thought about what I wanted to do, and it had just always been wanting to work in a spa. So I decided to just go for it, and I went and got trained in a variety of dermatological fields, and then I opened up my own spa. And I’m so glad that I did!

What inspires you to be here everyday?

My clients. Totally my clients. When you’re helping them with skin issues, sometimes you’re also a bit of a personal therapist. People come in and they just wanna have that time, and whatever that time means to them is what I try to achieve for them everyday. I make sure I pay attention to them, that I’m making eye-contact with them; that I’m dealing with them with respect, and finding out what they want that day – aside from their great skin treatment – and that I’m providing them with that experience. That’s really important to me: making our clients happy.

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