Yarmouth Physiotherapy

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Yarmouth Physiotherapy Inc.

Yarmouth Physiotherapy provides various different forms of treatment and therapy with their four physiotherapists, three massage therapists, occupational therapist and kinesiologist.

Owner Mathieu Muise has one of the best teams to help ease your pain and increase physical function by providing physio, massage, and rehabilitation services.

What is your favourite aspect of being a business owner?

You can make changes in the ways you want to and make things work in the ways you want to, you have a little bit more control. I was interested in health care and physio itself and it just kind of went from there. I opened my first physio clinic in 2010 and I opened this clinic in early 2014.

Where do you hope to see your business in the next couple of years?

I wouldn’t mind being at the same point in the next few years because we’re doing quite well and it’s busy. There’s a chance we may expand but those things are always complicated. We’ve already moved once and it might get bigger but were at a good size now so we’re happy with that.

(902) 881-1515
2A Second ST.
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