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Yarmouth Fire Department to Implement Lock Box Program

Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

The current system of keeping keys to buildings is being replaced with a lock box program.

Businesses and organizations in Yarmouth need to note an important change happening at the Yarmouth Fire Department. An existing key system is being phased out and replaced with a modern system involving the use of lock boxes.

Over the years, the Yarmouth Fire Department has been keeping keys to certain buildings throughout the Yarmouth area. The keys allow access into buildings during emergencies. However, this system has become obsolete and needs a more practical replacement. As a result, the Yarmouth Fire Department will replace the key system with a modern and widely-used lock box program for gaining emergency access to buildings.

The lock box system involves mounting a box outside the main door of a building. The box holds a key, and in the event of an emergency, is opened using a code supplied to the Fire Department. Without an access system in place, forcible entry may have to be used, causing damage to building entrances.

The Lock Box system is used throughout North America,” said Town of Yarmouth Fire Chief John Verrall. “The system we’ve been using was effective at one time, but we need to take this update measure to ensure we can be more effective in these situations. The lock box is a simpler approach for gaining access without delay or damage. It also allows the building owner to replace the key in the box if the locks change instead of having to bring new keys to us.”

The current key system will be phased out over the summer months with a firm end date of July 31st. Businesses and organizations wishing to take part in the Lock Box program may contact Chief Verrall to sign up or ask further questions. An important note: the box provided must be keyless and opened using a code to be eligible for the program. Participants of the old system of keys can also contact Verrall to arrange pick up of their keys, or request to have them destroyed.



John Verrall
Fire Chief, Yarmouth Fire Department
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