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Yarmouth Fire Department Hands Over Truck to Eel Brook

It's official: the Yarmouth Fire Department handed over the keys to Truck #14 on Friday

Platoon Chief and Eel Brook ChiefMonday, February 25, 2019 - Yarmouth, N.S. - The Eel Brook and Districts Fire Department received the keys to Truck #14 on Friday at the Yarmouth Fire Hall. With the Yarmouth Department welcoming its new Heavy Rescue Unit earlier this month, a decision was made to sell the truck it was replacing to a local volunteer department. At a cost of $1, the Eel Brook Fire Department is now the owner of the 1988 GMC 700, which will now serve that district and still be available to assist where needed anywhere in Yarmouth County.

This $1 transaction represents a new way for the Yarmouth Department to support its volunteer partners by passing down various fire apparatus that is still useful and valuable. Yarmouth Fire Chief John Verrall sees it as an excellent way to help out departments he relies upon. 

"This new process improves the firefighting capability throughout the tri-counties", said Verrall. "In the past, trucks like #14 were put up for sale. Being able to hand over a unit like this improves other volunteer fleets in the county. Departments like Eel Brook always help us during larger calls when firefighters and equipment are needed, so having this truck placed in their hall makes a great deal of sense from a public safety perspective".

While Truck #14 clocks in at just over 30 years old, the unit is in very good condition and still provides a solid complement to its new owners. Department Chief Jonathan Leblanc was happy to jump in the cab and deliver it to his station.

"Obtaining this vehicle helps us upgrade our fleet with a more reliable vehicle and we very much appreciate what the Yarmouth Department is doing for us in this situation", said Leblanc. "We also have our energy and resources tied up with building a new hall, so to receive this unit now is very helpful for our department."

Like the exchange that allowed Truck #14 to move to its new home, the Amirault's Hill/Hubbard's Point Fire Department will now receive a unit from Eel Brook, also for one dollar.

Town of Yarmouth

 This is an exciting time for the Town of Yarmouth. By working together, we can meet today’s challenges and build a better future.”

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