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Upgrades at Ferry Terminal Nearing Completion

Phase I upgrades at the Yarmouth International Ferry Terminal are now in the final stages.

Wednesday, March 10th, 2021 - Yarmouth, N.S. – Phase I upgrades at the Yarmouth International Ferry Terminal are now in the final stages.  The project, which saw work split into seven distinct work packages, is set to be fully completed by summer.

The first three work packages for the project are now fully completed. Upgrades in these packages included demolition of various structures at the site, roof replacements, and considerable improvements to the envelope of the main terminal building. New windows and doors, new vestibules, brick repairs, and siding have all been added to the building.

Important upgrades were also completed in the terminal yard. Crews installed underground site services for water, sewer, and electrical and steel piles and concrete foundations were added to house new ticket booths for Bay Ferries and PIL Booths for CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency).

“Work package #4” involved the construction of a new stevedore building which will be completed this month. The new building is a one story, wood frame structure with metal siding.

“Work package #5” involves the installation of new ticket and PIL Booths. The tender for the manufacture of the booths was awarded in November and the finished units are expected to arrive on site in May for installation. “Work package #6” involves the installation of three new canopies which were erected today. Crews will work through the coming weeks on electrical, lighting and soffits for the canopies which will provide cover for the new booths once installed.

The final work for Phase I will come in “Work package #7” which involves installation of both CBSA and Bay Ferries booths, new yard lighting, CCTV cameras, PA system, signage, and demolition of the old south canopy.
These items are currently in the design phase and will be completed by summer along with asphalt patching of the yard.

Future projects will include wharf repairs, pontoon replacement, and an expansion and major renovation to the terminal building. 

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