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Transit FAQ

Where can I purchase bus passes?

You can purchase a Smart Reloadable Card Pass (day, month, year) and Limited Time passes (day, week) at Town Hall, Main Floor Reception located at 400 Main Street, during business hours. You can also purchase Limited Time passes from a number of retailers located along the bus route. For more details, see our Fares and Passes page.

Can I pay with cash?

Yes! Effective April 4, 2016, the Transit Bus is able to take cash fare of $2.00 per person per single ride. The driver does not carry cash to make change, so please have exact fare.

What's the cost of a bus pass?

For your convenience, you can purchase a pass for day, week, month or year use. You can also pay by cash to ride the bus as an option. There is one price for adults, seniors and children, with the exception of children under 2 years of age who are free. For more details, see our Fares and Passes page.

What is an Unlimited Ride Ticket?

Unlimited Ride Ticket provides usage of the bus service for the day or week. Your ticket activates the first time you use the ticket on the bus.

A Day Ticket expires at end of the calendar day from the time you use the pass on the bus. A Weekly Ticket expires on the seventh (7th) consecutive day from the day you activated the pass on the bus.

Passengers are able to ride the service unlimited for the designated time on the Ticket. Unlimited Ride Tickets are not reloadable after they have expired. You have eighteen months from purchase to use your Tickets.

What is a Reloadable Card Pass?

The Town of Yarmouth is one of the first transit providers in the Atlantic Provinces to offer Smart Card Fare Technology. Your Reloadable Card Pass gives you the option to purchase a day(s), monthly or yearly in consecutive periods.

Passengers are able to ride the service unlimited for the designated time on the pass.

Reloadable Card Pass activates at time of purchase and provides you with unlimited usage for a day, a month or a year. If you purchase additional day, month, during the period that your pass is valid, the next day or month will automatically activate the next day after the current day or month expires.

You are not able to purchase a specific day or month pass with your Reloadable Card Pass.

Customers who have purchased a Smart Reloadable Card Pass and registered the card may also reload their pass from the comfort of their home by calling Town Hall Main Floor Reception (902)-742-2521.

Can I get a refund?

No refunds on purchased passes. If you encounter a problem with your pass, please contact us at (902) 742-2521 or visit Town Hall at 400 Main Street, Main Floor Reception.

Whom do I contact if I lose or misplace my Smart Reloadable Card Pass?

In the event that a Smart Reloadable Card Pass is lost, please call Town Hall, (902)742-2521, to have the pass replaced for a fee of $5.00 + HST per card.

Whom do I contact if I have an issue or need to make a suggestion on the bus service?

We'd love to hear from you! Please contact Town Hall Main Reception at (902) 742-2521 (Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm). If you're calling after business hours, please leave a message and you will be contacted the next business day.

Where is the lost & found?

If you find a lost article on the bus, please hand it to the transit driver. If you have lost something on the bus, please call Town Hall at (902) 742-2521 to confirm the lost item was found and arrange for pick up.

Does the service allow pets?

Vested service animals are permitted to accompany their owner on the bus. Dogs and cats are not permitted on the bus unless they are confined in a pet transportation crate.

Can I bring food and drink on the bus?

Food and drink are permitted on the bus, if all drinks have a secure cover. Please respect the service by removing all excess waste when departing.

Are strollers permitted?

It's up to the passenger to board and unload their stroller when riding transit. If you require help, please travel with someone to assist you. Child in stroller may be wheeled aboard the low floor accessible bus. If you require the ramp be lowered, please ask the transit driver.

The first row of seats will be given priority to passengers with strollers. Passengers may remove their child from the stroller and seat them securely and safely in their lap or leave their child securely strapped in their stroller. Passengers are responsible for the safety and liability of the child.

Remember to lock the brake and hold the stroller securely when the bus begins moving.

How does the flagging system work?

The Town of Yarmouth Transit system runs using a flag stop system. Yarmouth Transit customers may choose to board and depart the bus at designated stops or by creating their own flag stop.

Anywhere with the exception of Starr's Road and a portion of Main Street and Vancouver Street (see map for clarification), on the designated route, customers can “wave” down the bus.

When you want to flag the bus:

  • find a safe location along the route
  • stand on the side of the road that the bus is traveling
  • wave at the bus

When you want to depart, ask the transit driver to find a “safe place” to stop close to your destination. (A safe place is one where visibility is good and where the bus can easily stop.)

Why a Flag Stop System?

Our contactless fare technology will provide the Town with the location that customers are “flagging” the bus. This information will be used to help the Town to select new bus stop locations and make route changes in the future. It is important to us that our service accommodates our users.

How does the Bike Rack Work?

The Town of Yarmouth Transit system loves cyclists. We encourage passengers to “bike & ride” by combining cycling and public transit as their modes of travel to their everyday destinations.

With a bike rack installed on the front of the bus, it is easy for cyclists to travel around the Town and beyond. There is no additional fare for transportation of your bike.

Follow these steps and storing your bike will be a breeze:

  • load your bike after other passengers have departed the vehicle
  • always load your bike into the bike rack space closest to the front of the bus
  • you're responsible to secure your bike properly
  • from a safe area, approach the bus from the curb side
  • before the bus arrives, remove loose items from your bicycle such as water bottles, saddlebags, carriers or any other non-permanent fixture
  • alert the transit driver of your intention to use the bike rack

To load your bike:

  • hold your bike with one hand, push in and squeeze the bike rack’s handle and lower the rack
  • lift your bicycle onto the rack, ensuring that both the front and rear tires are positioned in the wheel slots
  • after the bike is in position, pull the tire arm hook out, lift the hook over your tire as high as it will go and lower onto the tire (not your fender)

To unload your bike:

  • advise the transit driver you are leaving the bus one bus stop in advance
  • to unload, reverse the loading process
  • bikes in the rack closest to the bus are as easy to remove as bikes in the outer position
  • always unload to the sidewalk or curb side
  • if the rack is empty and no one else is waiting to load a bike, squeeze the handle and lift the bike rack until it locks in place
  • wait for the bus to pass for a clear view of the road and traffic before crossing

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