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Traffic Notice: Argyle Street Closure Monday

On Monday, June 20th, a major infrastructure repair will be made on Argyle Street near Regent Street. As a result, Argyle Street will be closed between Pleasant Street and Jarvis Road for the entire day. Please note the following:

➡ Argyle Street between Regent Street and Jarvis Road will be open to LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY.
➡ For residents on Regent Street and those in the area east of Regent Street, your route to exit the area is Jarvis Road, to Southeast Street, to Pleasant Street. The northbound lane on Haley Road is still closed due to multi-use trail work (please see map).
➡ For residents from the same area returning home, the same route applies, but you may also use the southbound lane on Haley Road.
➡ Traffic control will be in place the entire day.

Please remember, this closure is for the entire day. If you are travelling, be prepared to take the alternate route suggested. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank everyone for their patience as we replace a large culvert on Argyle Street.

Jarvis road route

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