Traffic Advice For 55+ Games Visitors

Category: News & Notices

For our guests from away competing in the 55+ games, please note that we do have some construction work happening on Parade Street, which is a central and busy street leading to and from our downtown. PLEASE READ ON...

 As per the map below, the most direct routes from Mariners Centre to downtown where activities are taking place are as follows:

➡ At this time the best route to get downtown from Mariners Centre is to use Starrs Road heading east to Haley Road, then south to Forest Street, and then west to Main Street and Water Street
➡ You may also connect onto Parade Street from Haley Road, turning south on Pleasant Street, then west on Cliff Street to both Main Street and Water Street
➡ The most direct route is from Jody Shelley Drive head north to Starrs Road, then simply travel west to Main Street and Water Street. HOWEVER, there is some constrcution on Starrs Road at Highay 101 which may cause delays.

There are other routes back and forth, but these are the most direct. Enjoy your stay and thank you for your patience navigating the construction!

Map 1