The Shanty Café

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The Shanty Café

Run by the Yarmouth Association for Community Residential Options (YACRO), the Shanty Café was created as a vocational program that would help people in the area. Whether due to a physical or mental disability, age, language barrier, or illiteracy, those who were unable to find work elsewhere could find it at the Shanty. Along the way, their hard work has brought the Shanty numerous local awards.

For the past three years, the Shanty Café has been offering residents and visitors of Yarmouth delicious, authentic, Cuban and Indian dishes. In addition to bringing some seldom-found exotic flavours to Yarmouth, all of the Shanty’s foods are also made fresh and from scratch, using locally sourced ingredients.

What is your signature dish?

We have two signature sandwiches – our Cubano (or Cuban) sandwich, made with roasted pork and served on a homemade bun, and our Kabir burger, which is a vegetarian burger designed by our Indian chef, Kabir. Our other signature dish is our black bean soup, which is also a Cuban dish.

What inspires you to be here every day?

I’m from Cuba originally, and food represents a lot for me. Food is life, food is culture, and as part of that culture, food is how people come together. In my case, here at my work, I’ve seen how food has brought together and integrated people, the people that we hire, with the people that are looking for those foods that are prepared by the people that we hire, that work here.

So food is really powerful. And that movement we have happening here, is very powerful, and inspiring for me to come to work. I’m driven by what’s going on, what’s happening. By meeting people here, meeting different people every day – not only locals, but also tourists from away. And to be able to represent YACRO at the front and let everyone know what we do – I like that.

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