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the Information Edge: Vol. 1

Keeping residents informed on a variety of topics is a top priority for the Town of Yarmouth.

Council meetings, changes to services, street closures, community events, emergencies: our goal is to communicate on these matters as quickly as possible. We also want to make it easy for you to get the message.

Alertable screenshot showing the homescreen of the android app with alerts.Just over a year ago, the town started a service called Alertable, a tool for receiving updates from the Town of Yarmouth (check out the screenshot on the right). Alertable is a free service that allows you to receive instant notifications using your IOS or Android smartphone or device.

It uses what's called push notifications, so once you download and install the app, you don't need to do a thing. We send, or “push,” the messages directly to you. The Alertable app then notifies you of the message. The following are some key highlights that make Alertable so helpful.

Whether you download the app or use one of the other methods described above, you'll receive day-to-day updates on Town of Yarmouth services, facilities, streets, parks, transit, meetings, programs, severe weather and emergency planning, natural disasters, human-caused hazards and more. Sign up at


Let's work together. We'll send you day-to-day updates through Alertable, you report problems to us so we can fix them quickly.

Nearly 10 years ago, the Town of Yarmouth began using another excellent technology called SeeClickFix. Where Alertable allows us to push information to you, this service allows you to report problems to us. Like Alertable, SeeClickFix also offers a free app for IOS and Android devices. It allows residents to report non-emergency issues to the Town of Yarmouth to be fixed.

It's simple to report a problem once you install the app on your device.

The app can be downloaded free from Google Play and the App Store. Again, no smartphone? No problem. You can also submit a problem using the easy-to-use SeeClickFix form on our website at

Remember, SeeClickFix is for non-emergency issues. If you encounter something more serious such as a water main break, flooding, broken traffic lights or other traffic hazards, contact operational services at 902-742-9423.

The after-hours emergency contact number is 1-833-4608709.


Upcoming council meetings: At the time of this article's publishing, council meetings are being held virtually due to town hall closure/rising COVID cases. Please check our website for updates to the situation. You can watch these meetings live through our website at townofyarmouth. ca/ agenda-and-minuteslivestream.html

The committee of the whole virtual council meeting is Feb. 24 3:30 p.m.

The regular town council virtual meeting is March 10 at 6:30 p.m. and will be aired on Eastlink Community TV at a later date.


Winter parking rules are in effect. Please review and obey these rules so our crews can clear snow quickly and safely. Also, business owners please remember your responsibilities for clearing the sidewalk and crosswalk accesses abutting your property so patrons can safely get to your business. More details can be found in section 4.0 of the streets and sidewalks bylaw. Learn more


Residents looking to make improvements to their properties this spring can find out what they need to know about permits and more by visiting

If you're a business or property owner looking to make improvements to your building this spring, be sure to check out our economic incentives at townofyarmouth. ca/community-economicdevelopment-grants.html


The Town of Yarmouth is accepting applications for a full-time permanent wastewater treatment plant operator. For complete details and to apply, CLICK HERE.

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