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Snack Place

Snack Place

If you ask a Yarmouthian to recommend a couple of must-try eateries in town, nine times out of ten, they'll have the Snack Place somewhere on that list.

The Snack Place is a family-owned business that opened in 1976, founded by Mrs. Kay Wilson, and run today by her daughter Gloria. You won't find anything fancy or exotic on the menu – it's all classic Nova Scotian comfort food, all homemade and prepared in-house. They pride themselves especially on their seafood selections – from clams and chips, to hot lobster sandwiches, it's to die for.

If you're visiting, your trip to our fair town isn't complete without a visit to the Snack Place. And those who live here, well, you've got a lot of opportunities to go back.

What's the secret to your success?

Hard work, good food, and Maritime love. I’m inspired by my mother.

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