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Parkview Styles

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Parkview Styles Salon

Looking for an expert in hair styling? Amanda Langthorne, owner of Parkview Styles can help you get what you’re looking for. Parkview Styles offers services from cuts, colors, and styles to perms, up-dos and even beards. Men and women of all ages are sure to be impressed with her expertise.

Amanda has won numerous amounts of awards and has been all over Nova Scotia and Ontario in competitions. She’s even been to France for competitions where she came in second for international world champion. “Hair really is her calling. She didn’t know at the time and she tried something different and now she’s here and this really is her niche... she found her thing”. Says Amanda’s husband.

What's your signature product or service?

There’s a wide range of things that people come here for. Men’s cuts and beard trims are very popular. I have a lot of men, a lot of women too but I find more men, they like the walk-ins. I want my salon to be somewhere that men can walk in and feel comfortable, and they do, they’re just amazed.

What's your favourite aspect of being a business owner?

You’re your own boss and you run it your way instead of someone dictating how you do it. There’s a lot more leeway but a ton more responsibilities. The responsibilities = rewards in the end and It’s about the end product. We want to leave a legacy for our children. I won’t retire, I’ll be that 90 year old lady still doing hair all hunched over, if I can I will.

Where do you hope to see your business in the next year and the next 5 years?

In the next year I’d like to see it grow with 4-5 more stylists. I want to build on in the next couple of years depending how well we do, I want to have a room just for aesthetics. Add on and open the horizon.

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