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Parks & Outdoor Facilities Closures/Reopenings

Please read more for what has been reopened and what is still closed.

On May 1st, the province of Nova Scotia announced the easing of some restrictions handed down during the COVID-19 State of Emergency. Specifically, restrictions around outdoor activities were lifted that allow people to enjoy parks and recreation spaces that have been closed for several weeks. As of May 1st, municipal parks and outdoor recreation facilities are allowed to reopen with conditions. Users MUST continue to follow strict guidelines around social distancing. These spaces will be monitored to ensure people are practicing proper social distancing, so please do your part so we can all continue to enjoy our parks and recreation facilities - and stay safe and healthy.


Please note: while some park and recreation facilities are reopened, playgrounds and parks containing playgrounds remain closed.

The following parks in the Town of Yarmouth are now open for use with restrictions in place:

➡️Spend time and recreate with ONLY THOSE THAT YOU LIVE WITH
➡️Users must practice physical distancing (separation of 6 feet or 2 metres)
➡️Stick to your local area
➡️Use common sense – if a public area is busy, find another area or stay home

For those willing to stick to these restrictions, the following spaces are now open:

✅Doug Melanson Park
✅Yarmouth Dog Park
✅Frost Park
✅Heritage Park
✅Sealed Landers Park
✅Rotary Park
✅ Coronation Park - Sports Field is OPEN, Gym Equipment remains CLOSED

The following parks/playgrounds in the Town of Yarmouth are still CLOSED:

❌Goudey Park
❌South Park Playground
❌Sprucewood Playground
❌Havelock Playground
❌Beacon Park and Playground

The following recreation facilities/trails in the Town of Yarmouth are now open for use with social distancing rules in place:

✅Broadbrook Recreation Park: Veterans Field, Mariners Field, & Travelers Field INCLUDING Broadbrook Trail
✅Gateway Park: Gateway Ballfield, Track and pits & St. Ambrose Field
✅St. Ambrose Tennis Courts
✅Yarmouth South Basketball Courts (behind old south school)
✅Central School Sports Field and Basketball Courts
✅High School Sports Field
✅Old High School Soccer Field (Pleasant Street)
✅Meadowfields Soccer Field
✅Coronation Park: Sports Field is OPEN, Gym Equipment remains CLOSED

UPDATE: COVID-19 Skate Park Rules/Supervision

Attention skaters and parents: the skate park will have an attendant supervising during key hours for the next two weeks to ensure everyone is playing by the rules and acting safely. Our attendant won’t be at the park at all times, nor will they be there permanently. It’s important to make sure these rules are followed when they are not there as well. If not, the park will have to be closed. Nobody wants that, so please respect the rules and keep us ALL safe during COVID-19!

Here's the rules:

➡️ Supervision will take place daily from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm (May 25th - June June 7th). Listen to and RESPECT the attendant when present. They are in charge.
➡️ Please Maintain Physical Distance (6 feet or 2 metres apart) safely inside and outside park.
➡️ 45 - 60 minutes of use at a time (depending on number of users waiting and they can get back in line). - Switch users in and out after the time frame.
➡️ Users MUST have equipment including a helmet. Do not Share Equipment.
➡️ Do not come to the Skate park if you do not feel well!
➡️ It's not a place to hang out so no equipment (skateboard, helmet, etc) NO ENTRY.

This area is monitored by security cameras and regular patrols by RCMP.

The following recreation facilities/trails in the Town of Yarmouth are still CLOSED:

❌Play On Ball Hockey Arena At Mariners Centre

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we move through this challenging time. #flattenthecurve #socialdistancing


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