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Park Benches Offer Craftmanship, History, Beauty

If you've paid a visit to Heritage Park or Frost Park recently, you might have discovered something new. Eight benches at Heritage Park and two benches at Frost Park have been beautifully restored as part of the Heritage Park Bench Project supported by Communities in Bloom Yarmouth NS (CIB).

The benches were refurbished by well-known local welder and artist Joe Bengivenni. Bengivenni has owned and operated a working shop in Clare since 1979, serving the local fishing industry while creating wonderful artistic and architectural metalwork by request. His works have been displayed at numerous galleries.

While the work performed by Bengivenni is exceptional, the wood used to restore the benches is beautiful and historically significant. Long leaf pine from the beams of the former Dominion Textiles cotton mill on Water Street were repurposed for the restoration and add a striking look to the finished product. Leftover pine from the mill has been used in other projects such as the refurbished flagpole at Killam's Marina.

The project was funded by CIB but also received a generous contribution from Councillor Jim MacLeod who, along with Parks Supervisor Todd Muise, came up with the project plan. Be sure to take time to stop by and have a seat. These benches are true works of art!

Here's a few before and after shots:

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