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Open & Closed Meetings

Meetings of the Council and committees appointed by Council are open to the public in accordance with the Municipal Government Act of Nova Scotia.

Open Meetings

For most open meetings, we welcome everyone to attend and listen to the discussions and decisions, but remember – only those who are on the agenda may address Council or a committee. Exceptions to this general rule include public hearings, public participation meetings, and second readings of any by-law under consideration. If you want your voice on the agenda, learn more about making presentations.

Closed Meetings

For confidentality reasons, some Council and Committee meetings must be held in closed sessions. To ensure complete accountability and transparency, all past and current agendas and reports for Town Council and advisory committee meetings are posted online – including agendas for closed meetings of council. (Specifically, we note in the minutes of an open meeting whether a closed meeting has been held, and generally the matter under consideration.)

Closed sessions may be held to address:

  • Purchase, sale, lease, or security of property
  • setting minimum price to be accepted at a tax sale
  • Personnel matters
  • Labour relations
  • Contract negotiations
  • Litigation or potential litigation
  • To receive legal advice eligible for solicitor-client privilege
  • Public security


Town of Yarmouth

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