Notice of Approval

Land Use By-law Amendment

In accordance with Section 210(3) of the Municipal Government Act, notice is hereby given that Yarmouth Town Council held a duly advertised Public Hearing on the 13th day of April, 2017 and at a regular Council meeting held on the 13th day of April, 2017 approved the following amendments to the Land Use By-law.

  1.   pdf Amend the Land Use By-law to permit the establishment of a Microbrewery at 270 Main Street as outlined in the Planner's report. *Note: Although the specific application was submitted for 270 Main Street the amendment will permit the establishment of Microbreweries, Microwineries, and Microdistilleries to locate anywhere in the Downtown Commercial (C-1) Zone. (311 KB)
  2.   pdf Amend the Land Use By-law to rezone the Town owned property located at 28 Jarvis Road from (CD) Comprehensive Development to (O-1) Open Space as outlined in the Planner's report. (4.85 MB)

Notice is hereby given that Section 247(1) of the Municipal Government Act allows that any aggrieved person, the applicant, and adjacent municipality, a village in which the property is situated or the Director may within fourteen (14) days of the publishing of this notice appeal the decision(s) of Council to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.

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