Notice of Approval: Election Signs & Civic Addressing

This is to serve notice that the Council of the Town of Yarmouth, at its meeting on Thursday, August 19th, 2021, at 6:30 pm, approved the following:

Amendment of Bylaw 6.11: Election Signs

What is this amendment about?
Council initiated an amendment to Bylaw 6.11 regarding election signs in the Town's Land Use Bylaw. Bylaw 6.11 originally banned the placement of elections on any land within the boundaries of the Town of Yarmouth. Amendments were recently approved by Council to permit the placement of election signs on private property while prohibiting the placement of election signs on public property within the Town.

How will this affect me?
These amendments will allow the placement of election signs on private property, but still prohibit the placement of election signs on public land. Town staff feel as though these amendments were necessary for the upcoming elections happening within the Town.

How do I get more information?
Any aggrieved person, the Provincial Director of Planning or Council of an adjoining Municipality may, within 14 days of publication of this notice, appeal Council's decision to the Nova Scotia utility & Review Board in accordance with the Municipal Government Act. The report describing the approved amendments to By-law 6.11 can be found on the Town Council agenda for August 19th on the Town's website through the following link:

Amendment of Civic Addressing Bylaw
This change addresses a recommendation to Council to amend the Civic Addressing Bylaw to include guidance to property owners on signage placement, design, and maintenance.
Copies of bylaws can be found here.

Dated September 1st, 2021