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Steve Berry wins 2019 By-Election

The Town of Yarmouth congratulates and welcomes Steve Berry as the newest member of Town Council

Ferry Terminal Redevelopment Project Officially Underway

A Project Kick-off and Groundbreaking event took place in Yarmouth on Friday to celebrate the start of a major infrastructure project at the Yarmouth International Ferry Terminal

Friday, May 3, 2019 - Yarmouth, N.S. – Representatives from all three levels of government were on hand at the Yarmouth International Ferry Terminal today for a project kick-off and groundbreaking event. Colin Fraser, Member of Parliament for West Nova, the Honourable Zach Churchill, Member of the Legislative Assembly for Yarmouth,  Pam Mood, Mayor of the Town of Yarmouth, Daniel Allen, Councillor for Municipality of Yarmouth, and Danny Muise, Deputy Warden of the Municipality of Argyle, came together to celebrate the start of crucial redevelopment work at the terminal. 

Tourism is an important industry for all Nova Scotians, and the Maine to Nova Scotia Ferry plays a key role in its growth. The revitalisation of the Yarmouth Ferry Terminal will ensure that proper infrastructure is in place to operate the ferry service successfully, strengthening the stability of the service for years to come.

Since the funding announcement in September 2018, considerable pre-design work has been completed.  The Town of Yarmouth has also awarded the contract for the Prime Consultant to CBCL Limited of Halifax. With an experienced engineering firm hired, work is set to get underway this spring.

“Nova Scotians and visitors from all over North America will soon be able to enjoy improved services and the beautiful new facilities of the revitalized Yarmouth International Ferry Terminal,” said Colin Fraser, Member of Parliament for West Nova, on behalf of the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities. “This vital link with our southern neighbors will attract more tourists, and increase economic opportunities for businesses across Nova Scotia. I am happy I could be here today to celebrate this important milestone.”

“The Nova Scotia-Maine ferry plays an important role in our tourism industry, particularly in southwest Nova,” said Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Zach Churchill, on behalf of Municipal Affairs Minister Chuck Porter.  “The ferry has a positive impact on the region’s local tourism operators, small businesses and the provincial economy. The Government of Nova Scotia is, therefore, pleased to support upgrades to the Yarmouth terminal, which support this ferry service.  The upgrades will also help ensure that the visitors we welcome from the eastern seaboard will have an enhanced visitor experience when they arrive in Yarmouth.”

“This is a great day in Yarmouth,” expressed Yarmouth Mayor Pam Mood. “With another season of welcoming visitors about to begin, I’m very happy to see this project moving ahead. It represents progress and a bright future for the town and entire region as we continue to grow our tourism industry.  As the owner and operator of the ferry terminal, our staff has worked hard in recent months to get us to this point. When this phase of work is complete, the Town of Yarmouth will have a refreshed and welcoming facility we can all be proud of.”

“The Municipality of Yarmouth continues to support major regional transportation infrastructure as part of its investment readiness work,” said Municipality of Yarmouth Councillor, Daniel Allen.  “The improvements to the Yarmouth Ferry Terminal, Canada’s link to the USA via the CAT Ferry, are an example of that priority and a demonstration that our communities are open for business.  We invite the world to come to Canada through the Yarmouth Ferry Terminal.  The Municipality is grateful to its partners: the Government of Canada; the Province of Nova Scotia; the Town of Yarmouth; and the Municipality of Argyle.”

“This project is an integral part of upgrading the ferry service,” said Argyle Deputy Warden Danny Muise. “It will improve working conditions in many aspects of the terminal operations, including better traffic flow for both Bay Ferries and Canada Border Services Agency.” 


Project Scope & Timeline                      
CBCL Limited has begun to mobilize on detailed design, required testing, and inspections. Work ranges from measurements and visual inspections to destructive testing. To not interrupt regular ferry service, CBCL will concentrate project planning during the operational season (spring and summer) with heavy construction activities taking place in the off-season (fall and winter). Major demolition and construction will begin this fall.

The scope for Phase 1 upgrades has been categorized into eight key items: 

1. Pontoon Replacement/Refurbishing
2. Linkspan Bridge Replacement/Refurbishing
3. Yard works to reconfigure the traffic flow
4. Lighting upgrades to meet changes in service hours and security requirements
5. Primary Inspection Line (PIL) Booths for security processing
6. Bay Ferries Limited booths for the service provider and ticket processing
7. Demolition of the aged and unnecessary infrastructure that will be replaced Building upgrades to ensure operational demands

Open Letter to the Community from the Mariners Centre Expansion Steering Committee


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May 2nd, 2019

To: all residents and stakeholders

Re: Mariners Centre Expansion

As residents of Yarmouth County, we are fortunate to have great outdoor spaces and recreational facilities. We have access to spaces that allow us to gather and enjoy a variety of sports and leisure activities. Our region took a leap forward in 2001 when Mariners Centre opened its doors. It gave us a two-surface ice arena and  multi-purpose possibilities allowing us to host trade shows, concerts, Relay for Life, Hospital Hullaballoo, graduations, Remembrance Day ceremonies, and more.  In recent years other indoor recreation needs have been expressed, and the three Councils have come together to take our community another step further. The focal point of discussion has been around an expansion at Mariners Centre.

A consultant’s report completed in 2017 provided a solid foundation as it outlined various needs and made suggestions for new spaces. While this report was not the final word, it did provide some valuable background information that would allow us to move forward when the time was right.

As you may have heard, NOW may be that time!  A wonderful opportunity has made itself available: a new federal/provincial infrastructure program with a specific category for recreation projects.  This opportunity might allow the dream of an expansion to become a reality.

We need to act fast. The timeline for submitting a funding application is tight. To make this happen, we formed a steering committee of nine members representing our three municipalities. Since forming, our focus has been to build a solid application, as quickly as possible. Through our meetings, the committee came to a consensus on what this next phase of expansion could include. We have also outlined some key goals as we move toward an application.

So in consideration of all the information available to us, we have determined that the funding application will outline an expansion that supports the following key needs:

1)      The application will seek funding for recreation opportunities we do not have today.

2)      Any planned expansion should support multi-use possibilities. The goal is to support a wide variety of uses, and the largest number of users for every dollar invested.

3)      We will focus on an expansion that maximizes social and economic growth, increases our population, and attracts professionals (e.g. medical professionals) and their families to the region.

4)      This phase of expansion at Mariners Centre must address the needs of our ageing population, help promote active lifestyles, and promote overall personal wellness.

5)     Any expansion must consider ongoing operating costs, and be responsible to future taxpayers in both the capital and operating stages.

As a group, we all agreed that adding an aquatics centre, an indoor/outdoor track, and a multi-purpose field house would help address these needs.

Many people have asked, “What is a field house?” There is no single definition, but our vision is an indoor facility that has a modern sports turf field.  The sort of facility that is suitable for soccer, rugby, golf, Frisbee, and much more.  It would have an indoor track for running and walking, as well as other ancillary facilities and equipment.

If our application is successful, detailed designs and configurations will be discussed as part of a typical project development process. First, we need to take a shot at the opportunity for funding! Until it becomes clear the money is available, any work we put our hearts and minds into is for a dream that may not become a reality. 

We have also received questions about the management of any new facilities. We have not determined the governance and operation of an expanded Mariners Centre at this time. That also comes later. As a group, we have agreed that the YMCA could serve as an operator of an aquatics centre, and we are open to discussion on that matter.  If we are successful in getting funding, much community engagement will happen. Our steering committee will grow and we will determine the best way to operate these new spaces.

As representatives of our communities, we will share our vision, explain our decisions, and keep all of our stakeholders updated on our activities. This letter is a first step toward accomplishing these goals. Our job right now is to build an application. We are working the clock, plain and simple. 

So stay tuned. This group will work hard to make a strong case for funds to create exciting new spaces for all of us to enjoy!


Mariners Centre Expansion Steering Committee

Municipality of Yarmouth
Warden Leland Anthony (Committee Chair)
Deputy Warden John Cunningham
CAO Victoria Brooks
Town of Yarmouth
Mayor Pam Mood
Deputy Mayor Phil Mooney
CAO Jeff Gushue  
Municipality of Argyle
Warden Richard Donaldson
Deputy Warden Danny Muise (Committee Vice-Chair)  
CAO Alain Muise


Consultant Firm Hired for Ferry Terminal Redevelopment

CBCL Limited of Halifax has been awarded the contract to provide engineering services for Phase 1 redevelopment of the Yarmouth International Ferry Terminal

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 - Yarmouth, N.S. –  With work set to begin next month, the Town of Yarmouth has awarded the contract for the Prime Consultant for Phase 1 of the Yarmouth Ferry Terminal Redevelopment. Following a recommendation at a recent council meeting, a motion was passed to hire CBCL Limited, an Engineering and Environmental, Design and Consulting firm based in Halifax.

After issuing a request for proposals (RFP) last month, the Town of Yarmouth Engineering Department received several submissions from interested firms. Engineering staff and members of the Ferry Terminal Project Steering Committee undertook an exhaustive evaluation process.  The committee established a team to assist with evaluation questions, point scoring, and recommendations.  Submissions were tested based on a pre-defined point scoring system included in the RFP package. After much discussion and individual scoring, the evaluation team recommended CBCL .

John Flewelling, President and CEO says “CBCL is pleased to have been selected to provide engineering services for the Yarmouth Ferry Terminal Upgrade Project.  We are excited to be working with the Town of Yarmouth and project stake holders to generate the best value for the investments being made at the terminal facilities.”

CBCL will be on the ground in Yarmouth soon. Initial work will include detailed design, testing, and inspections. Work ranges from measurements and visual inspections to destructive testing with major construction and demolition beginning in the fall of 2019. All work for the project is slated for completion by the fall of 2021.

A Project Kick-Off Event takes place on Friday, May 3rd at 2:30pm at the Ferry Terminal. The event  will be hosted by Colin Fraser, Member of Parliament for West Nova, the Honourable Zach Churchill, MLA for Yarmouth; Pam Mood, Mayor, Town of Yarmouth; Daniel Allen, Councillor, Municipality of the District of Yarmouth, and Danny Muise, Deputy Warden, Municipality of the District of Argyle. All are welcome to attend.


About CBCL
CBCL Limited is an employee-owned company providing Engineering and Environmental Design and Consulting Services with approximately 350 employees and offices in all four Atlantic Provinces and in Ottawa Ontario. CBCL has extensive experience with ferry terminals throughout Atlantic Canada and has a longstanding working relationship with the Town of Yarmouth and local contractors. Website:

Province-Wide Quality of Life Survey Launched

NOVA SCOTIANS HEAD TO THEIR MAILBOXES - Province-Wide Quality of Life Survey Launched

Friday, April 26, 2019 – Starting this week, Nova Scotians can check their mailboxes for an invitation to participate in a first-of-its-kind survey measuring quality of life across the province.

Approximately one-in-five households (80,000) will receive an invitation containing a unique code that enables them to complete an online survey.

The survey asks how people feel they are doing in eight key areas related to their quality of life, such as living standards, time-use and community vitality.

ScreenShot2018 06 08at2.59.33PM“Traditionally, much of the information we have used to make decisions about our daily lives has been based on economic data,” says Danny Graham, chief engagement officer with Engage Nova Scotia. “Those data aren’t wrong, they’re just incomplete. We think that if we have a more complete picture of how Nova Scotians are doing in all areas that matter to them, we’ll be better equipped to make decisions that help everyone live a good life.”

The survey is being led by Engage Nova Scotia with support from Nova Scotia Community College, and administered by the Canadian Index of Wellbeing at the University of Waterloo.

“We are excited to be part of this project, which is the first and most comprehensive province-wide survey on quality of life ever done in Canada,” says Bryan Smale, director of the Canadian Index of Wellbeing. “The information will provide Nova Scotians with an extraordinary opportunity to think creatively and generate innovative approaches that will help address the complex quality of life issues that residents from all regions of the province tell us are important to them.”

“We’re proud to support this unique, first-of-its-kind survey says NSCC president Don Bureaux. “It offers tremendous potential to shape the work we do everyday in pursuit of our mission: improving Nova Scotia’s economy and quality of life through education and innovation.”

“We’re working with a huge range of partners on this project,” says Graham.”NSCC campus principals, businesses, community groups and others have come together in ten Local Leadership Teams across the province to get the word out about this survey because they see how important it could be to our future.”

Once collected, the information from the survey will be compiled and prepared into up to ten regional reports. Those reports will then serve as the foundation for innovative approaches to priority-setting and planning at a local level for years to come.

“We’re imagining that the ten Local Leadership Teams will form the starting point for cross-sector working groups that focus on turning the results into action,” says Graham. “For us, this is more than a research project; it’s a ‘shaping our future’ project.”

Anyone over the age of 16 in a household that receives an invitation can complete the survey, which is open until July 5. Participation is voluntary and all personal information is completely confidential. People who would prefer a paper copy of the survey (in English or French) can call 902-407-2582 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

High-speed Internet access and assistance going online is available at all @NS sites. To find the site closest to you, or with general questions about the survey, call 211..

For more information, contact: 

Maria Rose
(902) 229-4649
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For on-air interviews, contact:  

Michael Flood
(902) 999-7350
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Town of Yarmouth teams with Tri-Star Industries for New Fleet Addition

Tri-Star Industries to build heavy-duty utility vehicle for the Yarmouth Fire Department

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 - Yarmouth, N.S. –  The Yarmouth Fire Department will add a new and much-needed addition to its fleet soon. At a recent council meeting, a motion passed to contract Tri-Star Industries of Yarmouth to build a new heavy-duty utility vehicle. The new vehicle will replace Unit #26 - an ageing four-wheel drive recently removed from service because of safety concerns.

Tri-Star will build the newest fleet addition from a 2019 Ford f-250 4x4 heavy-duty. Like its predecessor, this truck will serve several uses including fire inspections, fire prevention, and traffic control at fire scenes. However, plans for the new truck are to have expanded capabilities.

 According to Fire Chief John Verrall, the upgraded Unit #26 will provide a variety of improvements that allow the department to be more effective in all situations.

“This vehicle gives us more capacity for equipment and better overall flexibility,” says Verrall. “We couldn’t store equipment on the old truck because of it not being protected from the weather, or from being stolen. The new truck solves those issues as the design includes a truck cap with storage on each side.  It will also have a large sliding tray for easy loading and unloading of equipment, improved lighting and visibility at scenes, and will be better for moving crews. It will comfortably accommodate five firefighters in full turn out gear.”

Besides the capacity improvements of the truck itself, Verrall adds that the new unit will also provide towing capabilities.

“This will be a three quarter ton truck with full towing capabilities which helps us now and in the future. It gives us the ability to move our hazmat trailer and boat, and then looking down the road we have the option to add more equipment that can be towed.”

Colin Murphy, Chief Business Officer at Tri-Star Industries said “We are pleased to have been selected by the Yarmouth Fire Department to build their newest utility vehicle. Our company takes pride in every custom vehicle we build, but it’s special to know this one will be serving our local community.”

Old Unit #26

The replacement of Unit #26 is the second move of late to improve the department’s fleet. In February, the Town purchased a new heavy rescue unit and “sold” the truck it replaced to the Eel Brook Fire Department for one dollar. The approved tender amount awarded for the new unit is $72,500. Work begins on the vehicle in the very near future with expected completion later this year.


Image: Old Unit #26 being replaced.

Town of Yarmouth

 This is an exciting time for the Town of Yarmouth. By working together, we can meet today’s challenges and build a better future.”

Pam Mood


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