Murray Manor Arts & Culture House

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Murray Manor Arts & Culture House

One of Yarmouth’s great historic heritage buildings, Murray Manor has had new life breathed into it by Vera Saeme. Now the beautiful property has been made into an art gallery which exclusively features art from local artists.

As if that weren’t appealing enough, the Murray Manor Arts & Culture House also features an authentic crêperie, which makes all its crêpes from scratch and with as many locally grown and organic ingredients as possible.

What is your signature product?

In terms of our crêperie, we have two signature crêpes – our signature sweet crêpe, which has a filling made of cream cheese, whipped cream, and seasonal fruits, and our signature savory crêpe, which is made with mushrooms and cream. We also have Java Roasters coffee, which I believe, as both a Brazilian and a frequent traveller, to be the best coffee around.

For our art gallery, it’s more of a service. Beyond providing our patrons with art from their local artists, as an art historian I bring an informed eye, and can provide a place for people to buy art from someone who has a lot of knowledge about art.

How did you get started?

I came to Yarmouth 2 years ago. I’m an art historian; I really didn't think of opening a business. I was coming here because my husband had the intention of doing some projects, but I think the quality of the artists that are in the region, and the house itself, inspired me to open an art gallery. But then my question was, how am I going to get people into the art gallery? So I also opened a crêperie.

But, above all, I have never been welcomed like I have been welcomed in Yarmouth, so it’s also a way of giving back to the community, and giving Yarmouthians back the house, the property of the Murray Manor.

What should people try before they leave?

I think everybody should try our homemade ice cream.

What should people know about your business?

For our crêperie, people should know that our crêpes are authentic. Before opening the crêperie, I consulted with a woman who owns a crêperie in Bretagne. Also, all of our food is additive-free and made from scratch.

As for the gallery, I just want the people of Yarmouth to be proud of their local artists and to be proud of the artistic aspect of their culture, because it’s amazing.

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