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Mariners Centre Committee Meets, Moves Forward

The Mariners Centre Expansion Steering Committee (MCESC) held a meeting last week, its first since the October Municipal Election. 

 Mariners Centre Expansion Steering Committee Further Defines Goals for New Aquatics Facility, Appoints New Chairs and Committee Members

Thursday, February 11th, 2021 - Yarmouth, N.S. – The Mariners Centre Expansion Steering Committee (MCESC) held a meeting last week, its first since the October Municipal Election. The meeting was held virtually via Zoom and covered many important topics. The Committee named a new Chair and Vice-Chair and members of two key subcommittees. A detailed workshop and discussion took place to redefine expansion goals and the committee briefly discussed next steps for a “bridge” solution to provide the community with a pool and recreation space until expansion becomes a reality.

Warden John Cunningham from the Municipality of Yarmouth was elected as Chair of the MSESC, while Mayor Pam Mood was elected Vice-Chair. MCESC members were also assigned to two subcommittees. The “New Build Committee” will work closely with consultants to submit an updated proposal for an aquatics centre and programmable recreation spaces at Mariners Centre. The “Bridge Committee” will work to find the best solution to fill the gap left by the closure of the YMCA until a new facility can be built. Both subcommittees will report back to the MCESC who will then report back to the three municipal councils.

A workshop was carried out to help members narrow down the most important needs of a future expansion. The discussion focused on the features and spaces the community needs most in a new aquatics centre with accessory recreation spaces. After a detailed presentation from Mariners Centre CEO Dorgam Hideib, members of the committee all agreed that the new aquatics centre in East Hants provided a great example of what would suit the region’s needs, with adjustments for additional spaces for fitness and community activities.

The committee held a brief discussion around the idea of developing a bridge solution for a community pool. From the discussion, it became clear that all members are still in agreement that a bridge is necessary to serve the community until a new facility is built. The Bridge Committee is set to meet next week where they will table and evaluate all possible options and make a recommendation to the MCESC on the best path forward.

“As committee chair, I see that both the future goal of a Mariners centre expansion and the present goal of an aquatics and recreation solution are of great importance to the community and these goals are echoed at the committee table,” said MCESC Chair John Cunningham. “After our last meeting, we have new committee and subcommittee members and we are well positioned to proceed and make decisions quickly. I look forward to the great work this committee will do and invite the community to follow along with our meetings and our progress.”

Going forward, all meetings for the MCESC and subcommittees will be open to the general public via zoom meeting. As Mayor Pam Mood sees it, the work of the committees is important and keeping the entire community aware of that work is a must.

“The greater community is heavily invested in the idea of both an expansion and a bridge solution and we need to make sure we are transparent with this process every step of the way,” said Mood. “Making the meetings open to the public and posting meeting videos and minutes is important as it keeps the entire community engaged and informed on where we are in the process.”

The New Build Committee will meet on Friday, February 12th at 3:15 pm. The Bridge Committee will meet on Tuesday, February 16th at 10 am. More details on how to watch meetings and access post meeting videos and minutes will be made available shortly.


About the Steering Committee

The Steering committee is a group of 9 elected and 5 ex officio members from the Municipality of the District of Yarmouth, the Town of Yarmouth, the Municipality of the District of Argyle, and Mariners Centre. The members are:

Municipality of Yarmouth
Warden John Cunningham (Committee Chair)
Deputy Warden Trevor Cunningham
Councillor Daniel Allen
CAO Victoria Brooks

Town of Yarmouth
Mayor Pam Mood (Committee Vice-Chair)
Deputy Mayor Steve Berry
Councillor Gil Dares
CAO Jeff Gushue

Municipality of Argyle
Warden Danny Muise
Deputy Warden Nicole Albright
Councillor Guy Surette
CAO Alain Muise

New Build Subcommittee Members

Warden John Cunningham
Councillor Gil Dares
Warden Danny Muise
Mayor Pam Mood
Deputy Warden Nicole Albright

Bridge Subcommittee Members

Councillor Daniel Allen
Deputy Mayor Steve Berry
Councillor Guy Surette
Deputy Warden Trevor Cunningham

Mariners Centre

Dorgam Hideib (Mariners Centre CEO)
Wade Cleveland (Mariner Centre Board Chair)

Town of Yarmouth

 This is an exciting time for the Town of Yarmouth. By working together, we can meet today’s challenges and build a better future.”

Pam Mood


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