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K&K Fashions

Fashion is always evolving, but true style lasts forever. Kim Nguyen understands this, and as the owner of K&K Fashions, her passion for fashion has led her to provide the people of Yarmouth with tailoring supplies and services for the past 16 years.

With all sorts of materials in stock, K&K Fashions has something for everyone. For quilters, 100% cotton and poly cotton. For those who’ve caught the redecorating bug, curtain material and indoor and outdoor upholstery materials. Plus so much more, including soft material for baby blankets and clothes, and a comprehensive selection of dressmaking supplies.

What’s your signature product?

I’m best known for my alterations and custom tailoring. People can come in to have a piece of clothing altered, or they can come in with a pattern, or even just a picture, and I can create the garment for them from that.

How did you get started?

I got started back in Vietnam. It was very different there, as all you had to do was open your door, set up your sewing machine, and then the people would come. You would do the sewing and they would pay cash and that was the end of that. Here I had to go to school to learn about how business works in Canada – about the paperwork and taxes, and that sort of thing.

I started working for Bonda Textile, and there I learned new things about sewing, like how to properly make things with special patterns, such as kilts. So I learned, and then I opened K&K Fashions 16 years ago.

What inspires you to do what you do?

I just love what do. I’m sure that someday I’ll get tired of it, but even after 16 years I still love the work. And most of all I love the people and getting to talk to them. It’s by talking to customers that I really got to learn English, because it’s different than in school. If I’m talking to someone and they correct me on a word I said wrong, I’ll remember that and learn. So I love getting to talk to people – when I have time of course!

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