Hamilton's Fine Clothing

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Hamilton’s Fine Clothing

Hamilton’s Fine Clothing is perhaps best known as the place for local high schoolers to visit around prom season. But the store provides much more than just tuxedo rentals for prom night! Located next door to Runner’s Attic, Hamilton’s fine clothing offers suit rentals and sales all year long. They also carry many brands of jeans, sports jackets, T-shirts, underwear, socks and dress footwear; and though they mostly carry male clothing, they also have a large selection of women’s clothing, with brands such as Northface and Columbia.

What is your signature product?

Our signature product is definitely formal wear. We sell and rent a lot of Freeman's tuxedos, and suits from S. Cohen. However, we also sell a lot of sports jackets, as well as casual wear.

How long have you been in business?

I started out with Runner’s Attic in 1978, and that’s been in the location next-door for the past 10 years. I’ve had Hamilton’s Fine Clothing here for 8 years now.

What inspires you to do what you do?

I just truly enjoy what I do. I think it’s the people more than anything. At this stage of my life, it’s more about the interaction and communication with the public than anything else. If I weren’t doing this I don’t know where I would be; I’d be lost without it. So I guess that’s my inspiration to get up and to get out of the house every morning; to come down here and do what we do.

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344 Main Street
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