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Gaia Global Kitchen

Hi! We are Sebastien Milot & Hannah Rhyno-Milot, a husband and wife team who are happily realizing our lifelong dream. We are passionate about food, and we are happiest when we are feeding others fresh, flavorful, healthy meals. We come to work every day totally jazzed to offer our town something new and fresh, and to expand our menu all the time. We offer a friendly, relaxed, happy environment both to our guests and our team members.

We feel it is important to include items in our menu for those who have limited options in the restaurant scene, so we are celiac safe, and we offer a large variety of gluten free, vegetarian and vegan choices. Many of our dishes can accommodate those needs with just a small adjustment or two, upon request.

We feel it is vitally important to operate in an environmentally friendly way whenever possible, so that is forefront in our minds when making decisions.

What’s your signature product/service/menu item?

Our signature items would be our bowls ( Jamaican Jerk Bowl, Burrito Bowl, Crispy Garlic Tofu Rice Bowl to name a few) and tacos ( Fish Tacos, Thai Chicken Tacos , Honey Lime Steak Tacos), and now, our creme brulee cheesecake too!

Why did you choose this type of business?

The hospitality business is in our blood, it is what we have always done, and felt drawn to. Sebastien has been a chef for 25 years, and Hannah graduated from a 2 yr hotel restaurant management course, and gained a lot of management experience over the years.

What is your favourite aspect of being a business owner?

The freedom to create and offer the products and services that we feel are needed in the marketplace, to create a space that is welcoming and fun to come to, and the ability to support ourselves by doing what we are passionate about.

Where do you hope to see your business in the next year? Five years?

We hope to still be here, living our dream. We hope to still be a part of Yarmouth’s fantastic restaurant community, and still having fun with food!

(902) 881-2627
222 Main St.
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