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Former Y Facility Fundraising FAQs

The following frequently asked questions have been put together to answer questions around fundraising for a potential reopening of the former Y facility.

After last week’s announcement that the YMCA was permanently closing its doors, it became quickly apparent that the community was in favour of finding a solution to keep the facility running. In order to facilitate a desire for local fundraising to support a potential reopening, the Town of Yarmouth created a trust fund to allow people to safely donate toward the cause. Since setting up that fund, a variety of questions have arisen and other businesses and individuals have begun campaigns of their own. The following frequently asked questions have been put together to answer those questions, and help guide those who are undertaking their own fundraising.

Q. Is the YMCA conducting a fundraising campaign to “Save the Y”?

A. No. The YMCA has made a decision that they cannot continue operations. They are not running a campaign for reopening. The details of the decision can be found on their website here:

Q. Is there currently a fundraising effort that I can contribute toward?

A. Yes. The Town of Yarmouth has created a trust fund to serve as a safe place for individuals and businesses to make donations as the Town explores options for a potential reopening of the former YMCA facility at 275 Main Street. The fund has been created for the specific purpose of supporting the reopening of the facility at 275 Main Street, formerly operated by the YMCA of Yarmouth. Full details on the fund, including ways to donate, can be found here:

Q. If the Town and other partners involved in a reopening are unsuccessful, will donations be returned?

A. Yes. In the event the facility cannot reopen, the Town will return the funds to those individuals, companies or groups that provide sufficient information to the Town for the return of the funds. Should sufficient information not be provided to return the funds, the Town reserves the right to use the funds for a similar purpose.

Q. As a business or individual, can I start a campaign to raise money to reopen the former YMCA facility?

A. Making donations through the Town’s trust fund is the best way to donate toward some form of reopening of a recreation facility. However, if you do wish to run some form of fundraising, any funds collected should be forwarded to the trust fund established by the town.

Q. If I begin a fundraising campaign, should I use YMCA branding or slogans like “Save the Y”?

A. No. The YMCA of Yarmouth is closing operations and will not be able to provide the appropriate support to fundraising campaigns (for example they have no staff to issue tax receipts). Using the YMCA’s logo could mislead others as to who is responsible for the fund. As the Town of Yarmouth is leading the exploration of all potential solutions, which may or may not include working with the YMCA in the future, we are encouraging all those interested to donate to this fund which could be used for any potential solutions we explore.

Q. If I run a fundraising campaign and forward donations to the trust fund, will the money be returned if a reopening does not occur?

A. Yes, as long as you provide complete details when pledging the money to the trust fund. HOWEVER: please keep in mind that, depending on the nature of your campaign, you may not be able to return funds to individual donors. A secondary cause/recipient of your donations should be in place to receive your donations if a reopening does not happen (for example, a local not-for-profit organization). This should be clearly mentioned in your fundraising messaging.

Q. If I am planning on fundraising for a reopening, is there someone that can help with messaging and general guidelines I should follow?

A. Yes. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your idea and plan and we will assist you with appropriate messaging for your campaign and answer any questions you may have about the trust fund. Your efforts are appreciated, and we are here to help!

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