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Yarmouth Fire Department Auxiliary

Mayor’s Message

I am a firm believer that the true test of a community comes through in its resilience to tough times and through those who believe in the community enough to step into those roles that allow us to carry on in both the good times and the tough times. To each of you who has freely chosen to place your name on the Yarmouth Fire Department Auxiliary membership role, you have shown both leadership and community spirit. In doing your part, you play a vital role in allowing our community not only to survive, but to thrive. Please know that your time and commitment spent working towards the Auxiliary’s mission does not go unnoticed and is most certainly appreciated by this Council and by the citizens of the Town of Yarmouth and surrounding communities. You are a true testament to the meaning of community. We are in this together, and it’s a pleasure to serve our Town and area together. Thank you for all you do.

Mission Statement

“Safe-guarding the citizens of the Town of Yarmouth, and its surrounding communities, through actively supporting the Yarmouth Fire Department in its endeavor to educate those citizens on the hazards of fire and limiting the effects of fire.”


As the mission statement of the Yarmouth Fire Department Auxiliary (YFDA) defines the reason for its overall existence. The purpose of the YFDA defines how the mission will be fulfilled. The following sections together define the single purpose.

Section 1: The YFDA will bring together all members of the Yarmouth Fire Department (YFD), at frequent intervals, for functions that promote morale.

Section 2: The YFDA will assist the YFD, during emergency incidents, by providing Rest and Relaxation to members involved in the mitigation of the incident.

Section 3: The YFDA will assist the YFD in the support of committee functions of a celebratory nature.

Section 4: The YFDA will support the YFD through fund raising activities, both on its own and in conjunction with the YFD.

Town of Yarmouth

 This is an exciting time for the Town of Yarmouth. By working together, we can meet today’s challenges and build a better future.”

Pam Mood


Town of Yarmouth
400 Main Street
Yarmouth, B5A 1G2

  (902) 742-2521
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