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4-Way Stop Coming Soon

As previously announced, the intersection at Haley Road, Parade Street,and Enterprise Street is set to become a to a four-way stop.

This was determined necessary to safely allow for a crosswalk on Parade Street to connect existing multi-use trail to a new section trail that will extend down to Starrs Road. Drivers, please note the following:

➡ The two-way stop at this intersection will be converted to a four-way stop in 2-3 weeks time. Updates will follow.
➡ A new stop bar will be added on Haley Road in front of the EHS station in the southbound lane. A new “STOP” sign and “STOP SIGN AHEAD” will also be installed.
➡ A new stop bar will also be added on Haley road in the northbound lane. A new “STOP” sign and “STOP SIGN AHEAD” to be installed as this location as well.
➡ Paving for the roadway/trail between Parade Street and Starrs road to soon follow.

An update on the exact date for the changeover to a four-way stop will be made as soon possible.

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