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2020 Election - Candidate Information

Municipal elections in Nova Scotia will be held on Saturday, October 17, 2020. Are you thinking of returning, or taking a shot at getting elected to council for the first time? Read on...

The following information for has been assembled by our good friends at the Nova Scotia Federation of Municiplaities to provide assistance and answer your questions as a potential candidate for the upcoming election. For additional information and specifics related to running for Yarmouth Town Council, you may also contact our Returning Officer:

David Sollows
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IMPORTANT REMINDER - Banning of Election Signs 

At the July 9th, 2020 Council Meeting, Council passed a motion to amend the Town's land use by-law to prohibit election signs, including signs advertising positions for by-elections, political parties and plebiscites. Displaying candidate signs from within a residence (such as by a window sign) is permitted. You can review the Land use Bylaw on our Bylaws page.

Things To Know Before You Run For Municipal Office

Councillor Roles and Responsibilities

Running a Successful Campaign in 2020

Media Relations for Municipal Candidates

The Department of Municipal Affairs has also updated its Guide for Candidates, which is also available in French.

In light of the restrictions posed by COVID-19, NSFM put on a Campaigning With Social Media webinar in July, 2020.

You can find information about it on their Webinar page and the session video is available on our Youtube page.

We also wrote about the issues of running a campaign during COVID in the summer issue of our magazine, Municipal Observer.

Town of Yarmouth

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